Ideas on How To Store A Wheelbarrow

Ideas on How To Store A Wheelbarrow

Best Way to store a wheelbarrow PINIf you are a gardening enthusiast or your day job involves hauling your gear around an outdoor space, it’s likely that you have a wheelbarrow to help you with this laborious task. 

These tools are one of the most basic yet necessary pieces of equipment that can turn heavy lifting and transporting from a nightmare to beautifully easy and we’d guess that, if you’re the proud owner of a wheelbarrow, you wonder how you ever lived without it.

However, whilst these common garden tools are extremely useful, they are also a right royal pain to store – why? Because of their size. 

Yes, there are many compact, lightweight wheelbarrows on the market and we’ve even raved about these ourselves. But even the smallest wheelbarrow requires a handsome amount of space for storage.

You might think that the most obvious thing to do is to leave the wheelbarrow in a long-forgotten, disused corner of the garden. After all, it’s out of the way and wheelbarrows are designed to be outdoors – right?

Well, yes they are. But if they’re left for long periods of time, they’re not going to be happy. In this article, we are going to be exploring the best way to store a wheelbarrow and looking at why alternatives may decrease the life of your equipment.

So, you’ve got a brand spanking new wheelbarrow, it’s your pride and joy, and it likely cost you a pretty penny too – and you’re going to keep it outside?

There are many reasons why storing your wheelbarrow outside is not a great idea, primarily, you’ve left a relatively expensive piece of equipment out in the open for anyone to climb over the fence and walk away with.

If that’s not enough of a deterrent, then we must turn to the longevity of the wheelbarrow. In days gone by, it was common for wheelbarrows to be made from materials that simply weren’t as durable as the ones we see today. This led to rust, sun damage and ultimately, a wheelbarrow that would have been lucky to have seen out the summer season.

Fortunately, the wheelbarrows of today are much more durable and thanks to many manufacturers using top quality plastic and galvanised metal during construction, our wheelbarrows look to live much longer lives. 

But, just because they are designed to be more hard-wearing, that doesn’t mean that their lives won’t be significantly shortened if they are left exposed to the elements – essentially, proper storage is a must!

It is possible to keep your wheelbarrow outside, perhaps installing hooks or a bracket onto a fence or outside wall. However, if you do this, it is a wise idea to grab a piece of tarp to cover up the wheelbarrow and protect it from the elements. 

Even better, if you can install your outside brackets in a covered area, your wheelbarrow will thank you.

Indoor Storage

Having established that keeping a wheelbarrow inside is a much more preferable option, the next issue that many people face is space. Whilst this may be the best way to store a wheelbarrow, for most average homes, a garden shed, garage or small out-building is about as far as outdoor storage space goes unless of course, you are fortunate enough to an extra-large storage facility in your back garden. 

For this reason, finding the space to keep your wheelbarrow safely indoors and shielded from the weather becomes somewhat of a challenge.

Yes, you could simply plonk it in the garden shed wherever there is space, but the truth is, this is likely to obstruct a walkway or take up valuable workspace, neither of which is ideal. Not to mention the fact that should the wheelbarrow block up your walkway, this could translate into tripping over it and causing an injury.

So, where do we go from here? 

The solution is a lot more simple than you might first imagine. We mentioned the use of hooks or brackets on a fence or outside wall, and this is something that can quite easily be brought inside allowing you to make the most of your storage space. What’s more, you won’t be compromised your own safety or getting in the way of your useable space.

The Best Way To Store A Wheelbarrow

For any avid DIY lover, you may be pleased to know that there is the option to make your own brackets for hanging your wheelbarrow inside your shed or garage. However, there are many downsides to taking this approach:

The good news is that there are a wealth of outdoor storage hooks and brackets currently on the market giving you a really good choice of what will work best for you.

When choosing your bracket or hooks, it is important to first think about the type of wheelbarrow that you intend to hang from them. If you are using a heavier wheelbarrow that is bulkier, you are going to require much more heavy-duty hooks whereas a lightweight piece of equipment that is more compact could work well with something a little less durable.

The size, weight, material and type of wheelbarrow you are using will play a part in deciding on the best product for your needs. With this in mind, lets’ take a look at our top three picks for effective wheelbarrow storage solutions.

Garage Hooks

If you are looking for an option that isn’t going to break the bank and yet will provide you with an easy solution to storing your wheelbarrow, why not consider these garage hooks?

They come in a pack of eight so once you’ve successfully elevated your wheelbarrow, you’ll have plenty of hooks left over to store other important equipment such as power tools, gardening tools and ladders to name a few.

The hooks come in a variety of sizes and despite their humble appearance, they certainly have staying power and are able to withstand an impressive amount of weight. The maximum is up to 40kg when the hooks are installed on a solid brick wall. Even at the lower end, a wheelbarrow would be no problem since the hooks can stand a minimum weight of 15kg when fitted to a plasterboard wall.

One of the most notable features of these hooks is that they are resistant to rust so won’t damage over time meaning you won’t need to continually replace them. But perhaps even more impressive is that the hooks come coated with rubber to ensure that no damage will occur to your wheelbarrow, or anything else, whilst it is hanging.

Simply screw the hooks to the wall and you’re ready to go.

Racor Storage Bracket

This bracket may look small but it is perfectly designed to take the weight of larger objects such as ladders and, the reason we are here – wheelbarrows.

One bracket can manage up to 50lb, which roughly translates to about 23kg – that’s two wheelbarrows worth of weight in some cases, so you can feel confident that the bracket won’t buckle under even the weight of a heavy-duty wheelbarrow.

Speaking of heavy-duty, the Racor storage bracket is made from strong and durable steel which is well known for its strength and longevity especially when we learn that the bracket has been powder-coated and finished with a strong epoxy finish. This makes it resistant to rust and corrosion.

Installing a storage bracket for your wheelbarrow doesn’t need to be a trying task, and this statement couldn’t be more correct when we look at the Racor’s simple installation. All it takes is one stud and you’re good to go.

Finally, nobody wants unsightly brackets all over their shed or garage, even if it is a work or storage space, we all want to take pride in our homes. But the sleek design of this bracket means that it will fit in seamlessly and when not in use, will not appear bulky or out of place, giving your outdoor storage space a welcoming aesthetic as well as functionality.

Crawford Wheelbarrow Hanger

This is a lightweight solution that has been specifically designed for the purpose of hanging a wheelbarrow out of the way.

Its slim and sleek design not only looks the part but also provides you with a designated space to store your wheelbarrow without compromising any other part of the garage or shed.

The hanger features a soft coating which will ensure that no scratches or scuffs occur on the wheelbarrow so no matter how long it may be stored and out of action, you can feel confident it will remain in the best condition.

Other Things To Consider When Choosing A Wheelbarrow Bracket

We wouldn’t be surprised if you were super-eager to choose a bracket and get started with your new storage solution. However, there are a few other things to keep in mind when choosing the best way to store a wheelbarrow.

Think about the type of wheelbarrow that you own. Will the handles get in the way of being able to hang it onto the bracket? Would a hook be a better option?

You should also be sure to check the maximum weight that the bracket can handle as buying one that will not withstand your wheelbarrow could cause it it buckle. This is especially true if you have a motorised or heavy-duty piece of equipment.


There may be a lot more to owning a wheelbarrow than first meets the eye. Choosing the wheelbarrow itself can be a mind-blowing task, what with the sheer number of options available but once you have your wheelbarrow – where do you put it when it isn’t being used?

Finding the best way to store a wheelbarrow is one of the most common concerns of gardeners, DIYer’s and professionals but a simple hook or bracket may be the answer to all of your problems.

It is important not to store your wheelbarrow outside where it may be prone to damage as a result of being exposed to harsh weather conditions that will significantly shorten its life.

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