Sack Trucks: Your Ultimate Guide

What is a sack truck? Sack trucks are a type of truck used to transport heavy materials and goods. Sack trucks are also known as pallet trucks, trolleys, and dollies. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colours depending on their purpose. This guide will provide you with information about the sack truck industry including how […]


The Best Small Sack Trucks – A Buyer’s Guide

Small sack trucks aren’t something you hear about every day. The nature of most tasks calls for more space and a generous weight capacity. A homeowner needs enough space to shuttle hay, flower pots, logs and bundles of wood. The warehouse guy wants the maximum capacity so that he can stack more boxes and make […]

best aluminium sack trucks

The Best Aluminium Sack Trucks – Buyers Guide

Sack trucks are essential tools of carriage in a fast-paced industrial setting. As such, most sack trucks are made from either steel or aluminium. These materials give the sack truck its strength, durability, and improves its functionality.   Both aluminium sack trucks and steel sack trucks have their place in our lives. A sack truck made […]

sack trucks for moving washing machines

Sack Trucks For Moving Washing Machines

Washing machines come in different sizes, and while some are space-efficient, others take space. But one thing is common among them—they are all heavy!  Moving washing machines demands caution lest you hurt yourself or spoil the washing machine.  Though you can use various equipment to move the machine, sack trucks are the best for moving […]

sack trucks for moving plant pots

Sack Trucks For Moving Plant Pots – Our 3 Picks

Plant pots differ in weights and sizes, and depending on the distance you intend to move it, your choice of carriage matters big time.  All the plants you’ve ever seen in a pot mean something to the owner as these slivers of nature add sparkle and blossoms to our lives.  Moving these gems demand caution, […]

3 wheeled sack trucks buyers guide

3 Wheel Sack Trucks – Buyers Guide

Sack trucks come in many varieties, and with each newer invention they get more efficient, operator friendlier, and more effective than their near-skeleton grandparents. One of the innovations that have proved helpful is the 3-wheel sack trucks. Three-wheel sack trucks aren’t what you interact with every day, and that’s because they’re made to meet a […]

3 in 1 sack trucks

3 in 1 Sack Trucks – Our Top 3 Favourites

We all love sack trucks for how handy they are. Sack trucks move a lot of weight, and when you’re operating in a warehouse, it is a must-have piece of equipment.  Sack trucks take the bulk of short-distance load-moving tasks. Though known for their efficiency and ease of use, several industry advancements have seen new […]