Platform Trolleys for 500kg+ Buyers’ Guide (1)

Platform Trolleys for 500kg+: Buyers Guide

Platform Trolleys for 500kg+ Buyers’Guide pinFor home, industrial use, or warehouse use, a good platform trolley is an extremely useful piece of equipment to have around because it makes hauling different items a lot easier on the driver. Of course, these are horizontal dollies so they have a bigger platform that is perfect for bulky, hefty items.

If you’re planning to move heavy items and you’re researching platform trolleys for 500kg+, you have come to the right place. Read on for all the details.

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Check Max Load Capacity

The number-one rule when shopping for a good platform trolley is make sure to get one with sufficient weight capacity for the cargo you have in mind.

Platform trolleys come in a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and loading capacities. never go over the maximum loading capacity, so if a certain trolley has a limit of 300kg, for example, you should never go beyond that as you risk injury or damage to your trolley.

How to Choose a Well-Made Platform Trolley

Choosing platform trolleys for 500kg+ can be a challenge as we’re getting well into the ‘big-boy’ league. There are a few other considerations you’ll need to think about to ensure that you find the right trolley.


Consider the physical space you’ll be working with. If you work in the same area each day, you’ll already know if the doors and walk-through areas have enough space for a trolley to fit through or if you need a trolley that can accommodate going up and down stairs. All of these things directly affect the shape and size of the trolley you should purchase.

Size of Items

The items you work with. If you transport the same items each day, think about the size, weight and shape of these items.Can theybe packed in boxes before being loaded onto the trolley and how they should be stacked. Remember that odd-shaped items usually do very well with a platform trolley.

Frequency of Use

How often will you use your trolley? For daily use opt for the sturdier trolley. This decision revolves around the materials that your trolley is made of, so you’ll want to look for a very sturdy and reliable trolley made with high-quality materials if you’re planning on using your platform trolley on a regular basis.


Do you need a flexible trolley? Some trolleys are made to be used either horizontally or vertically, and there are even trolleys that have adjustable heights and widths. If you use your trolley for many different items, you might want to consider one of these adjustable ones so that you don’t have to switch back and forth between different trolley types.

Best Platform Trolleys for 500kg+

Now that we’ve gotten these helpful tips out of the way, let’s take a look at a handful of the best platform trolleys for 500kg+ on the market today. Below are some of the many trolleys that both customers and critics alike seem to love.

ZHHL 500kg Platform Trolley

This safe, heavy-duty trolley is made mostly for high-end factories and warehouses, and its load size of 1100mm x 700mm means it can accommodate just about anything you’re hauling around day after day. The wheels contain rubber bearings and are therefore very quiet. At a weight of just 22.8kg, it is easy to manoeuvre regardless of where you need it to go.

It also provides you with a very smooth, comfortable ride and comes with heavy-duty TPU casters to make getting from one location to another a lot easier. It is impact-resistant and, while a little pricey at around £550, it is worth what you pay for it because of how long it will last.



Yaunli Heavy-Duty 590kg Platform Trolley

This folding platform trolley holds up to 590kg and is extremely sturdy. It has a strong aluminium platform and a steel handle, not to mention four PU wheels that will last regardless of what you put them through. Because it is foldable, it takes up very little space as it’s being stored, and the thickened baffles keep your items from sliding off of the platform.

It comes in a nice blue colour and provides for an easy, very smooth movement, which makes all of your hauling tasks much easier and much more comfortable. It even comes with a non-slip baseboard to give you extra stability as you work.



Barm Heavy-Duty 600kg Platform Trolley

At £640, this isn’t the cheapest trolley that you’ll ever buy, but it is definitely one of the strongest. Its size of 105cm x 63cm x 90cm is just perfect for hauling all types of heavy items, yet you can fold it easily if you wish to store it somewhere or carry it around to your next location. You also get a choice between silent wheels or nylon casters, both of which provide for a smooth and quiet ride.

Lightweight and made out of cold-rolled steel, this platform trolley can be used at home or in various businesses such as warehouses, retail shops, gardens, industrial facilities, and so many others.



Yaunli Sturdy 680kg Platform Trolley

For extra sturdiness and a large load capacity, you can’t beat this platform trolley. It has lots of uses and is perfect for warehouses, basements, restaurants, retail shops, hospitals, and of course, household tasks, and its 360-degree swivel wheels make it super easy to manoeuvre.

It is silver in colour and 90cm x 57cm in size, and the wheels also provide you with a way to enjoy a smooth, stable, and easy ride regardless of what you’re doing with it. Its cost of around £485 also isn’t bad, especially when you consider how much use you’ll get out of it.



MTFZD 600kg Platform Trolley

Priced reasonably at £240, this platform trolley accommodates up to 600kg and can handle heavy, bulky, or extra-large items that just won’t fit on a vertical cart. It comes with non-slip rubber tyres for a much smoother ride and which are quiet as well, which is a convenient feature.

In addition, this green cart is easy to fold and store away when it isn’t being used, and it can be used for carrying around so many different items that you’ll find it to be a good addition to both your home and your place of business.



Final Words

We hope this article has been helpful in your search for a trolley that can handle the weight of 500kg+. For more information on every day platform trolleys, check out our buyer’s guide.

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