3 wheeled sack trucks buyers guide

3 Wheel Sack Trucks – Buyers Guide

3 Wheel Sack Trucks pinterestSack trucks come in many varieties, and with each newer invention they get more efficient, operator friendlier, and more effective than their near-skeleton grandparents. One of the innovations that have proved helpful is the 3-wheel sack trucks.

Three-wheel sack trucks aren’t what you interact with every day, and that’s because they’re made to meet a specific operator nightmare— the stairs!

Stairs are one of the obstacles you never want to encounter when you’re pushing heavy loads. 

And stairs are everywhere, whether you’re moving the heavy potted plants from the garden to the house to escape winter, or moving heavy boxes from the departmental store to your office; it’s the stairs that you dread most.

Why You Need A 3-Wheel Sack Truck

Why You Need A 3-Wheel Sack Truck

The standard sack trucks are great at taking heavy loads, but when you have a flight of stairs ahead, you need to carry the whole sack truck— which calls for a helping hand.
It’s not only limiting but labour-intensive, something that could have been handled by one person now takes two people to accomplish.

If the load is a little forgiving, you can pull the sack truck up the stairs, but with every step, you’ll be jerking the load to roll up the stair. The pressure you exert on each step hurts your arms, leaving you with painful muscles. It also shakes the load, and if you don’t secure it tightly, the cord might get loose, dropping your items.

It’s also not a good idea to go up a flight of stairs on a standard sack barrow if you’re carrying fragile items. The force of getting the wheels to come upstairs can break glasses, even if the load isn’t heavy.

Most sack truck owners use planks when they have to wheel loads up or down the stairs, and it works in most cases. But with planks, you can solve the problem of a 3-step staircase. There’s a limit to its success; planks won’t work for many flights of stairs.

Besides, using planks demand precision from the operator as the wheel can easily slip from the plank, slowing your progress or destroying your items. The 3-wheel sack trucks allow you to move heavy loads up and down stairs without the risk of dropping them. 

The three wheels are designed in a way that at any given time there’s a wheel on stair, making it feel like you’re moving the sack truck on a plain ground. They make the work less strenuous, and so you can work for longer hours without the exhaustion of balancing a heavy load on a narrow plank of wood. 

Three-wheel sack trucks are also known as stair-climbing sack trucks because they meet that need. They are made for stairs! The wheels roll as you pull the load up the stairs, allowing for a smooth transition between stairs.

Large, heavy, and delicate items like fridge or washing machines demand gentleness, balance, and strength to move up the stairs. You can only move them safely with a 3-wheel sack truck.

The Best 3-Wheel Sack Trucks

Getting the right sack truck takes a lot of scratching, but it’s harder to get the right 3-wheel sack truck to move items up a flight of stairs. They have more moving parts than the conventional sack truck, and thus are more prone to wear when the quality is compromised. 

We’ve done the tough job for you, and here are four of the best three-wheel sack trucks you can buy;

1. DURHAND Steel Climbing Stairs Trolley Hand Trucks

This sack truck is made to make moving a stack of boxes up multiple flights of stairs easy and less strenuous. It saves you time and keeps the pains associated with pushing sack trucks at bay. 

The sack truck is made from steel, giving it the strength in the frames to hold heavy items intact as you go up the flight of stairs. This 3-wheel sack truck doesn’t compromise on capacity. 

It allows a generous weight limit of 150 kgs, which is enough for many everyday moving tasks. The strength of the steel frames and the skid chassis guarantees the support you need to move the heaviest objects. 

The sack truck isn’t only tolerant of weights; it’s also tall. You can stack items up to 100cms high. This allows to load it to the maximum when you have stacks of boxes to move, saving you time. 

Thanks to being foldable, the DURHAND Steel Climbing Stairs Trolley Hand Truck is also ideal for outdoor work. You can fold it into a smaller footprint for easy storage and transportation. 

It’s also easy to unfold and use, making it the right three-wheel sack truck you can use for deliveries because you don’t have to worry about storage space in your van. 

The sack truck is also lightweight, so when you have many bulky items to move up or down the stairs, it doesn’t add much of its weight onto the load’s actual weight. It only weighs 11.7kgs, and if you consider it has a weight capacity of 150 kgs, it doesn’t burden you with the extra weight. 

This sack truck is also made for heavy use of a warehouse setting. It’s sturdy enough to handle most weights but also prioritizes operator comfort. It comes with easy-grip handles to give you a firmer grip when you’re going up the flights of stairs. 

2. ZEHNHASE 500LBS Capacity Stair Climbing Cart

The first thing that strikes you upon seeing this sack truck is its craftsmanship. The metal frames are sturdy, but the blend of black, yellow, and silver colours gives this sack truck the visual appeal that most conventional sack trucks lack.

And while outlook never really matters with the old, conventional sack trucks, it definitely matters with a portable sack truck like this. You can use this sack truck for shopping, and you wouldn’t like to be dragging an ugly, out-of-place carriage when outdoors.

The sack truck is superb on ergonomics; you can extend the handles to a comfortable height. The folding nose plate can help you hold the load farther away from the effort, making the load lighter.

The handles are also designed to pamper your palms with softness— no sore hands when using this machine. High-frequency electroplating makes the padded handles wear-resistant and more durable. The padding also gives you a firm grip when you’re wheeling a bulky item.

The sack truck comes in a foldable design; this makes it easier for delivery guys to carry it along. They can fold it into smaller size and have a designated place for it in the delivery van. It takes very little storage space, making it a good sack truck to use on the go.

The wheels are made of rubber and thus work well on all terrains, they bounce off obstacles, taking the brunt of pressure when you hit bumps, thus saving your arms from strains and aches. The frames are sturdy and can take up to 150kgs. To further enhance support for heavier loads, the rotating wheels ensure that four wheels are in contact with the ground, thus improving stability.

The sack truck is also versatile and can be used in different environments. Be it in a warehouse, construction site, or at home, you will find this sack truck a lifesaving piece of equipment. Despite its strength and utility, this sack truck is lightweight, only weighing 8.6 kgs, making it a good sack truck for moving heavy items up many flights of stairs— even to the 5th floor of an apartment building.

3. Stanley FT521 Steel Folding Hand Truck

I don’t know about you, but when I see a Stanley branded sack truck, I just know it is a great quality product. Stanley is a big brand that has become popular for making trucks that meet your needs for convenience, ergonomics, and ease of use. This sack truck will cement your belief in the product. It will meet and surpass your expectations. 

The three-wheels are designed for support and stability. They rotate in such a way that four wheels grip the ground all the time for stability. They also make it easier when you’re wheeling your loads over obstacles, and for stairs, they’ll give you an effortless climb even to the 5th floor of a building. The rubber wheels roll synchronously on stairs, making the work faster and less strenuous. 

Like most sack truck in this list, the Stanley FT521 Steel Folding Hand Truck can be folded into a smaller footprint for storage and transportation, making it a good-to-have sack truck when you’re in the business of courier of delivery. When you need to store it, simply slide the top frames into the bottom frame. 

The sack truck is made from steel to give it the strength to shoulder heavy items. The steel construction also means that this sack truck is a little heavier, but guarantees a longer, satisfying service. Still, 10.6 kgs isn’t much if you consider the durability of steel frames. 

It comes with both the loop and standard handles. The standard handles come padded to enhance your grip. You will also love the knuckle guards that keep you from knocking your hands when you’re operating on narrow passageways.

The sack truck also comes with tyre guard to keep heavy loads from rubbing on the tyres. And the nose plate gives you a stable platform to rest your heavy luggage. To secure your items while taking the stairs, fasten the load against the tall back frame for safety. 

4. Navaris Folding Hand Trolley

This sack truck comes with many features that any user will find useful. The stair-climbing design ensures that the wheels roll on stairs with much ease, making it easier to move grocery, laundry, or shopping up the stairs. 

 Though small and compact, this sack truck can also be used in a busy workplace setting as the frames are sturdy enough to accommodate considerable weight.  It takes up to 35kgs making a good sack truck for lightweight duty in the office. 

The sack truck is also lightweight. Made from aluminium, the frames are sturdy yet lighter than sack trucks made from steel. Therefore, you will use this sack truck to move heavy items without it adding onto the actual weight of the items you’re moving. 

 The sack truck is also collapsible. You can fold it for easy storage and transportation. Instead of using non-collapsible sack trucks that are challenging to move around, this sack truck can easily fit in any courier service van, making it the right sack truck for delivery. 

 You will also make lesser trips with this sack truck when you have many lightweight items to move. Simply heap and secure them with the bungee cord that the truck comes with, you’ll move your items without the risk of dropping them. 

 The wheels are made of rubber, and thus can function well on many surfaces without hassles. Be it in your small experimental garden or the hard, concrete floors of shopping malls; the wheels will roll with ease, reducing the strains on your body. 

Jobs That Require 3-Wheel Sack Trucks

Though anybody with a staircase might need the three-wheel sack truck, if your occupation involves wheeling heavy items up the stairs, this sack truck is a professional requirement. Getting this sack truck will help you get a lot done within a short time and with less strain on your body. 

The three-wheel sack trucks are must-have pieces of equipment for moving companies. When you get a job to move a household, you don’t know how long or steep their stairs are, with the three-wheel sack trucks, you’re prepared for them in advance. Since they get up the stairs with ease, you will move the heavy items faster, enhancing service delivery and customer satisfaction. 

A moving company also has a responsibility to avail the right equipment for the workers. If you invest in these, you’re enhancing productivity and boosting your team’s morale.  

Courier companies also need this item to move heavy loads upstairs. Same to a moving company, a courier company never knows the kind of stairs that await them. It helps to have a stair-climbing sack truck tucked somewhere in the delivery truck just in case the need arise. 

This sack truck will also be useful in a basement warehouse. As the heavy loads are moved either in or out of the warehouse, you’ll need to climb up a staircase, and this sack truck will make the work easier and faster than conventional sack trucks. 


In conclusion, three-wheel sack trucks solve a problem that we grapple with daily— wheeling up or down the stairs. The best thing with most of three-wheel sack trucks is that they’re lightweight. Thus you don’t strain to keep the sack in tow when pulling them up the stairs. 

They also come at a within-pocket price range, making them as reachable as the conventional sack trucks. These 3-wheel sack trucks should help you move your load up the stairs hassle-free. 

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