How to Use a Sack Truck Safely

how to use a sack truck safely pinIt’s only a matter of time before you need to move something heavy, and that’s where the sack truck comes in handy.

Workplace and household injuries are caused by people moving heavy loads without the right equipment and adequate care, for example, when they attempt to lift stuff that’s just too heavy.

The sack truck is only a small part of the equation when it comes to keeping yourself safe while using one. It’s important to look at other factors like:

The sack truck uses the principle of leverage – and while we don’t know who invented it, hand truck patents began to appear from the mid-18th century and the principles of leverage date back to the times of the Greeks and Romans.

A sack truck’s key components are; the handles, the body or torso, the toe plate, the heel (what your cargo sits on), the axel (takes a beating if used regularly) and the wheels. Lastly, the brakes are used as an extra measure of control.

The truck provides the leverage to roll the weight forward after balancing it by tilting the handles backwards and stepping on the tow plate to lift the cargo off the ground. Weighty cargo is cupped between the heel and the torso and the wheels allow you to move forward with minimum effort.

When and How are Sack Trucks Used?

Used properly, a sack truck puts minimal pressure on the operator – not requiring him or her to bend their backs and otherwise get into awkward positions that can produce an injury.

A sack truck is useful in situations where manual loads must be moved frequently and over a distance too large to be moved by hand – for example, warehouses, construction sites and docks. They are also used, albeit less frequently, by homeowners when transporting heavy and potentially unwieldy objects that can fit on a sack truck.

How to Use a Sack Truck Safely

Before you use a sack truck, check on a few things first:

Who Can Use a Sack Track, and How?

sack truck heel

A sack truck is meant to be used by everyone, provided they exercise some common sense.

Consider wearing a safety belt around your midriff if what you’re moving is particularly heavy.

In general, it’s a simple enough principle. You place the load on the toe of the sack truck, taking care of a few details:

Last Checks Before Using Your Sack Truck

In addition to securing the load and checking for the security of the sack truck itself, you should check to make sure that the terrain is favourable.

One of the things to watch out for with a sack truck is a sudden trip or hitch, which can cause disaster if it stops the truck suddenly.

Here are some of the additional things to watch out for:

Final Thoughts

The sack truck when used properly allows for a plethora of heavy lifting activities without much risk in terms of injury. They make it possible for one person to move anything from construction material to furniture.

Moving heavy items must be one of the most common causes of back injury and by taking some basic precautions you can make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

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