Sack Trucks: Your Ultimate Guide

Sack trucks are a type of truck used to transport heavy materials and goods. Sack trucks are also known as pallet trucks, trolleys, and dollies.

They come in different shapes, sizes, and colours depending on their purpose.

This guide will provide you with information about the sack truck industry including how they work, common uses for them, and much more! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about sack trucks

Should I use a Sack Truck or Dolly?

Dollies are typically used when transporting boxes or other package-like objects. Sack Trucks, on the other hand, are for carrying heavy material such as bricks and bags of cement.

The major difference between sack trucks and dollies is size – sacks should only be used for heavy loads with longer handles while dollies come in smaller sizes suitable for lighter weight items.

Dollies are best suited for short distances whereas sack trucks excel at long-distance hauling thanks to their larger wheels under the forks which lower pressure on your loading surface.

Can you hire a sack truck?

Yes, most tool hire companies will rent you a sack truck.

How do you use a sack truck safely?

Sack trucks are heavy duty and therefore require more attention when loading them. When putting a load on the truck, use your legs shoulder-width to push it up onto the forks

Push evenly across the surface of the fork so that they can handle all weight distribution and not fall over; do this by pressing down with one foot while pushing inwards from left to right or vice versa (depending on which side you’re loading)

Material should be evenly distributed for best safety – place heavier items towards the back where there is less wheel movement. This will lessen any chance of tipping as well as pulling too much weight off balance.

What are sack trucks used for?

Sack trucks are used for a variety of loads Sack trucks are most commonly used in the construction industry for carrying heavy loads such as building materials, scaffolding or pipes. Sack trucks also have other purposes including foodservice and manufacturing industries.

What size should my truck be?

This depends on what you are going to be lifting, but you’ll want a weight limit of at least 250kg. For most construction work you’ll want at least 350kg.

Should I always use safety gear when operating a sack truck?

Yes! As with any operation involving machinery you need to take necessary precautions like wearing protective clothing (long pants, long sleeves), goggles, gloves and hard hat at all times.

When was the sack truck invented?

Sack trucks have been prevalent in the UK for more than a century, and first appeared on the scene around 1835. They were first used in the docks by young boys to move spices and other cargo.

Who invented the sack truck?

The principal inventor was James Hargreaves. The first sack truck on the scene weighed around 200 lbs and could carry up to 400lbs in weight, which is why they were so popular with dockworkers.

He patented his design for a Sack Truck at an English Patent Office in 1881 after improving upon it. His invention went global quickly from there as more companies picked up where he left off with new innovations like different types of wheels (solid rubber tires) that made them much easier to use than earlier versions had been.

Nowadays sack trucks can be found all over the world and have become ubiquitous in warehouses, factories, construction sites, food service establishments and anywhere else heavy items need to be moved.


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