Best Folding Beach Trolleys – Our Top 5

best folding beach trolleys pinIt’s that time of year when the sun is shining and the sand feels good under your toes. It’s summertime, which means it’s time to head to the beach!

But before you go, make sure you’ve got a trolley for all your gear. Whether it be a bag full of towels or some snacks from home, having an easy way to get everything down to the water will save your back and shoulders this season.

Top 5 Folding Beach Trolleys Available Right Now

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BEAU JARDIN Pull along Trolley

Beau Jardin is a German maker of the best beach/festival trolley on the market, available in 4 colours besides black.

The Beau Jardin Trolley has a large capacity for your luggage and essential items, is extremely sturdy, works on soft sand and concrete pavements alike and folds into a neat bundle.

In addition to this, it has been designed with two easy-to-use pull handles in case you should want to change directions while pushing it.

BEAU JARDIN trolleys are a brilliant product for keeping your things safe and secure while at the beach. In fact, there ain’t anything better than that!

The BEAU JARDIN Trolley is also perfect for fetching drinks/food from the beach bar or even beach chairs to save effort. And don’t worry about these breaking – when travelling with these you’ll be able to carry substantial loads.

Available in four classic colours black, blue, green and red so you can pick one up to suit your style best.

FUXTEC folding/foldable Beach Wagon

One of the most popular products in this category and with good reason!

The FUXTEC foldable wagon is nice and compact for easy storage, yet can be unfolded to the perfect size to throw in the boot.

This foldable beach wagon comes with a sunroof, ideal for some shade for the kids on a hot beach. It’s available in several colours; purple, grey and red and comes with perfect additional space for a cooler.

With its 75kg carrying capacity, this FUXTEC folding/foldable wagon will make all your family’s trips to the beach much less of an exercise in beach boot camp.

It has wide wheels so you can comfortably take care of difficult terrains from small lawns to sandy beaches or other loose ground. And because it folds down into 18cm depth when not in use, there is plenty more space in the boot for the rest of your beach gear!

Uquip Buddy - Beach Wagon

The future of beach fun.

Your big adventure champion! The Uquip Buddy Beach Wagon Heavy Duty Cart with Big Wheels, Collapsible Steel Frame is one tough cart that can roll through any terrain you want to tackle and set up quickly without a fuss.

It has a folding frame that supports weight up to 100 kgs or 220 lbs. And the free-moving front wheels that keep on rolling over all kinds of surfaces so you can shove it right into the sand without slowing down.

It measures 100 x 56 x 67 cm=(LxWxH) and folded up measurements are 82 x 56 x 31 cm and on our testing we found it easy to manuvre.

Not only great for the beach, this foldable trolley is also terrific for camping, picnics and even the weekly shopping run with the kids – they love pushing trolleys!

Folding Camping Cart Garden Wagon

This cart has a TON of storage space to carry everything you need for your next beaching adventure (160kgs to be exact though probably a bit less on sand).

Whether you’re just heading down to the water or going for an all-day excursion, this cart will hold every towel, picnic blanket, and inflatable raft that you can think of!

It’ll also keep snacks and beverages cool with its built-in cooler bag – and the all-important sunroof if you need to keep something in the shade…ehmm…beer?👏🏖

It has brakes, the material is removable for easy cleaning on the go and there are even some water bottle holders on the front. Of all our foldable trolleys we’ve reviewed this one ticks a lot of boxes.

Nasscarts, Foldable Beach Cart with Bonus Cooler Bag

The coolest way to carry your goods from point A to point B is in this foldable beach cart with bonus cooler bag. This baby has wheels for days and can handle up to 80kgs of weight on the max load platform.

Composed of a durable, reinforced metal frame and sturdy polyester material this bit of beach trolley delight is available in army camo or arctic camo.

Boasting generous dimensions 89cm long x 49cm wide x 35cm deep and folds up to a nimble 17cm x 50cm by 77cm. No braking system on this one but does have some handy water bottle holders in front.

In Summary

We know how difficult it can be lugging around beach chairs and other supplies when there’s no place to store them on the beach. Not only will these save you the pain of traipsing from car to preferred spot on the beach, but kids also looove them.

With that in mind, we hope our list of top folding beach trolleys has given you some options to think about. What type of wagon do you use for the beach? 

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