Best Platform Trolleys

Best Platform Trolleys- Product Review

best platform trolleys pinThere are thousands of platform trolleys in the market. The best platform trolley will depend on the purpose for which it is needed. Thus, there is no one-size-fits-all platform trolley. There is a wide variety of uses for which platform trolleys are suitable – gardening, grocery shopping, packing loads in warehouses, and running errands in the office.

Choosing the right platform trolley can be a challenge. Luckily for you, this article reviews 10 of the best platform trolleys that you can choose from. Before that, let’s look at the factors you should consider to choose the best platform trolley for you.


You want a robust trolley that is made with quality, sturdy and durable heavy-duty materials. Materials used for making platform trolleys include steel, aluminium, plastic, and PVC. Steel is the most likely to last long even although it is relatively heavier than the other materials.

Aluminium makes for a robust trolley, only that it is costly and susceptible to scratches. The best platform trolley is a compound of several materials, for instance, a steel frame, PVC platform, rubber edges, and aluminium castors. This way, it will not be too heavy or too expensive, and the structure will be robust and long-lasting.

All in all, ensure that the material is corrosion-resistant and able to withstand the weight of the load without buckling beneath it.

Load Capacity

Different platform trolleys have varying load capacities. They range from less than 100 Kg to more than 350 Kg. The perfect load capacity will depend on the purpose of the platform trolley. If you intend to use it to carry heavy stuff like moving appliances in a warehouse or carrying furniture, you should get a trolley with a load capacity of 300 Kg or higher. Tasks like carrying groceries, moving plants, and transporting garbage cans will not require a high load capacity. Thus, anything below 100 Kg would be okay. Also, note that the higher the load capacity, the bigger and the heavier the platform trolley.


The most common wheels found on platform trolleys are pneumatic, solid, and form wheels. Pneumatic, also known as air wheels, are great for outdoor use as the tires provide a smooth ride for all terrains. These are great for when you are passing through rough grounds as they will enhance manoeuvrability in a way other types of wheels can’t. Solid wheels are easy to maintain as they hardly go flat. They are mostly suited for flat surfaces and offer a smooth ride. As they are solid, they are heavier than pneumatic wheels. You should probably avoid solid wheels if you will be passing over rough terrains. Form wheels are just as maintenance-free as solid wheels. They are as light as pneumatic wheels without the risk of going flat. Also, they do not get punctures easily. However, they are way costlier than the other two, but their quality pays off.


You want a platform trolley that will not give you a hard time when moving on different terrains, making sharp corners and making left and right turns. Therefore, ensure that the trolley you go for has wheels that are flexible enough to manoeuvre easily. Swivel wheels are the perfect choice, especially those that are capable of making 360⁰ turns. Moreover, the type of wheel also determines its manoeuvrability. As it is, pneumatic wheels are the best for manoeuvring tough terrains such as gravel and rocky areas. Solid wheels are only good on flat and smooth grounds, so you may want to get those for indoor purposes.


The good thing about platform trolleys is that there is one for every budget. You do not have to spend too much money to get a trolley that adequately fulfils your needs. If you want a budget price trolley, there are many good options in all categories. That said, the higher the quality, the deeper into your pocket you would have to dig. Luckily, more often than not, the costly ones are worth every penny you spend. Also, you should be careful to not compromise quality for affordability. Remember, it is better to invest in a product that will serve you well for a long time.

Customer Support

Look for sellers that provide easy communication channels for buyers to reach out whenever they need help. Seeing that most platform trolleys require self-assembly, it can be frustrating when the process gets complicated without a point of reference. Fortunately, most sellers provide an instruction manual that is easy to follow and warranty just in case the trolley does not perform as expected. Moreover, a site such as Amazon provides adequate product descriptions for the trolleys to enable you to choose the most suitable one.

10 Best Platform Trolleys

Woodside Heavy Duty Folding Platform Trolley Truck

Durability is one of the best qualities of this platform trolley. For one, it has a powder-coated steel frame that is corrosion-resistant. It also has a protective bumper strip that protects the trolley from impact when it comes into contact with other objects.

Additionally, the trolley is multi-purpose and can be put into various uses. For instance, it is as suitable for offices and warehouses as it is for domestic use. Thus, you can use it for transporting boxes, furniture, crates, garden tools and groceries.

With a load capacity of 150 Kg, you can use it to carry large and bulky luggage easily. The parcel deck is non-slip to prevent the load from falling off during transportation. Moreover, it has a fold-down handle that makes the trolley compact enough to fit in a small space during storage.

Also, this platform trolley has four large PP wheels; two fixed and two with swivel castors. On top of providing stability, the wheels enable you to manoeuvre with ease. If it is your first time buying the Woodside Platform Trolley Truck, then you are in luck because delivery is free on the first order.



Stanley Steel Platform Truck

If you need a trolley that will make it easy for you to move heavy stuff around, then the Stanley Steel Platform Truck is a perfect choice. The trolley can carry a load of up to 300 Kg and is suitable for a variety of tasks both at home and outside. As such, you can use it in the garden, factory, for delivery services and it can also be used by professional movers.

What’s more, the trolley has four sturdy, ball-bearing brake wheels that provide adequate stability when moving a heavy load. They also ensure safe steering because it would be difficult for the trolley to lose balance even on tough terrain.

Furthermore, the steel handles are strong and rigid, enhancing manoeuvrability. The grips are made with soft material to protect your hands from blisters due to pushing heavy loads.

Additionally, the trolley is lightweight at 14.5 Kg, so you would not strain to push it around. Made with tough steel, the trolley is bound to serve you a long time, which is economical as you will not have to incur repair or replacement costs.

While it comes unassembled, the process of assembling is straightforward and quick. Also, it has a compact design for easy storage as it folds and opens very fast.



Heavy Duty Folding Industrial Platform Trolley

With this platform trolley made by G-rack, you can comfortably carry heavy and bulky loads without worrying that the trolley will break. This is because it is made with heavy-duty materials that can comfortably lift up to 150 Kg of items at a time. The trolley is made with high-quality steel with construction so tough that it can endure a lot of factors. In other words, it is sturdy and structured to carry heavy loads that you would not otherwise be able to carry with your bare hands.

This product is extremely easy to assemble; it is a one man’s job that does not require any extra tools. Within minutes, you will be able to use it to move loads in your home, business, warehouse or garage.

Additionally, the trolley comes with anti-puncture rubber tyres that will enable you to pass through different terrains without worrying about damage and repair costs. Even so, it is wise to avoid places with sharp objects as much as possible.

If you are worried about the storage space of this heavy-duty G-rack platform trolley, then you should not. This is because the handles can fold flat against the trolley bed, reducing the space required to store it.

The trolley comes with a five-year warranty to provide security in case it does not work as intended. Furthermore, you get a VAT invoice on purchase to account for your money. Even so, it has value for every penny!



N&S Platform Truck Heavy Duty Trolley 350 kg

This trolley is a sturdy, solid, and stable platform for carrying goods – a 90cm x 60cm platform. It’s got easy-grip handles making it easy to use with one hand. The rubberised wheels help in getting over those little bumps or hurdles between doors: they’re durable, have high wear resistance, offer great resilience when going over obstacles.

This trolley weighs 16 kgs but still comes with 350 kg carrying capacity, just be aware that this model has no brakes.

Engineering rubber mute wheels have high wear resistance, in addition, they cope well on surfaces that are not completely flat. With 16kg of weight behind platforms 350kg carrying capacity (max), this trolley has incredible load-carrying capabilities without ever making your push or pull any more difficult than necessary.

What’s more, the N&S trolley is easy to store as it is foldable. Thus, it can fit in a small space. Also, you can easily transport it from one place to another as it can fit in the trunk of a car when folded. Lastly, it has rubber-coated handles that provide much-needed comfort when pushing loads.



HandiMoova 2in1 70kg sack truck

It’s a 2 in 1! HandiMoova is the ultimate all-in-one sack truck: lightweight and easy to use, it efficiently moves small or large loads at home, the office or in the garden.
Better yet, its platform mode converts easily with a press of a tab – never stopping production nor slowing down your pace.

It’s perfect for moving renovation supplies or hauling equipment power tools during small jobs around town; back-breaking moves done easily as pie. Folds up compactly for portability and comes ready assembled without any tools required!

Never worry about how much weight this tow-hub has bearing down on it because our handy inventory will support up to 135kg all without breaking a sweat! Say goodbye to deadlifting and hello to our out-of-this-world light materials handling solution.

It’s also super portable at only 7KGs you can fling this one in the boot of your car, it really is a great home solution to a platform trolley.



Draper 44005 Platform Trolley

This hand sack truck trolley is perfect for hauling things effortlessly, things that you would not manage to carry on your own. It has a carrying capacity of 150 kg, which is backed with durable, high-quality steel built to ensure the trolley does not give in to the weight.

The platform size of the trolley measures 63 by 48 cm, which is enough space for a wide variety of uses. For instance, you can use it at home to run errands or for garden duties. You could also use it in the office to carry documents from one department to the other. This trolley is also perfect for warehouses where a lot of loading and offloading takes place.

At only 7 kg, it is very lightweight and easy to push. Furthermore, two of its wheels have 360⁰ swivel casters that enhance manoeuvrability. These wheels will enable you to move smoothly in whichever direction. However, the wheels are not curated to move on rough terrains such as grounds with gravel and stones. Therefore, using the trolley on rough grounds may ruin the wheels, forcing you to incur repair expenses.

Additionally, this platform trolley has foldable handles, so storage will not be difficult as it will not require too much space. Also, it is easier to transport the trolley when folded, whether it’s manually or using a car.

What’s more, this trolley is relatively affordable and has good quality for its price. You would be delighted to learn that delivery is free for United Kingdom residents.



Silverline 950179 Polypropylene Platform Hand Truck

The Silverline polypropylene platform hand truck is tough yet lightweight, at only 4 kg heavy. It has a polypropylene dolly platform on which to place your load. This trolley is ideal for carrying and transporting heavy and bulky items that weigh up to 100 kg. Furthermore, it comes with 4 non-slip rubber pads, which stabilise the load on the platform and ensure that your luggage does not slip away during movement.

The push handle is made of high-quality steel, so you can be sure it is sturdy and durable enough to withstand pushing up to 100 kg of luggage. The handle is also built ergonomically, so you will not have a hard time pushing the trolley around.

Additionally, this Silverline platform trolley has four wheels which enhance stability. Two of these wheels are fixed, and the other two are swivel with heavy-duty ball-bearing castors. The swivel wheels make it easy to manoeuvre around corners and make left and right turns. What’s more, it has a pedal-operated locking mechanism to ensure that your trolley stays put once you have parked it. Convenient, right?

You can use this trolley for different things as it is multi-functional. You can use it at home to carry things, bring it with you to the grocery store, carry manure for your home garden, or use it to distribute snacks in the office. It has really good quality for its price.

The main downside to this trolley is that it has a short handle. Therefore, it will not be suitable for you if you are tall because you will end up straining your back.



TAHA ® 150Kg Heavy Duty Folding Trolley Cart

With a load capacity of 150 Kg, the TAHA Trolley Truck is your perfect bargain platform trolley. While lightweight, it is durable and robust. This trolley is lightweight because of its galvanised steel tubular frame.

Although p[erhaps not the most durable of the bunch, it’s a steal at this price. Perfect for an IT department or small office moving equipment and the rubber edges protect the trolley from damages.

Additionally, this trolley has 4 wheels, two of which are castor and the other two, swivel. The swivel wheels make it easy to manoeuvre as you push the trolley around. It’s wheels are on the smaller side so this trolley would need mostly flat surfaces to negotiate.

The handles can be pulled down and folded, which makes it easy to store and transport the trolley. Also, they have easy, ergonomic grips for the much-needed comfort when pushing the trolley. Note that the trolley comes unassembled, so you have to assemble it yourself.

Fortunately, the process is simple and straightforward.
The main issue with this trolley is that its stackable space is less than the dimensions indicated. This is because of the metal parts around the edge. Therefore, make sure you consider that before you stack your load.



Meister Platform truck "cross-over" 300 kg, foldable

This trolley by Meister is one of the biggest ones in this review. It can carry up to an impressive 300 Kg of load, which makes it pretty versatile. Thus, it is good for a wide range of uses, including carrying gardening tools, carrying beer in a wedding and running the usual errands.

The platform has a wide stacking space and can adequately fit bulky luggage. Moreover, it comes with a non-slip PVC sheet that ensures that your goods are stable on the platform. All around, the trolley is fitted with a frame that is made with white powder-coated steel. Furthermore, it has rubberised PVC around the edge to prevent scratching and damaging other things.

One thing you should not worry about with the Marko Tools platform trolley is storage space. This is because the handle is foldable, so it can fit in a small space. Also, its foldability makes it portable.

Additionally, the platform trolley has four off-terrain pneumatic tyres rubber wheels, whereby two are fixed, and the other two are swivel. Thus, it is easy to manoeuvre this trolley around corners without over-exerting yourself.



VonHaus 150kg Capacity Platform Truck

Do you want a multi-functional platform trolley to help you move awkward, bulky loads? Then, the VonHaus Platform Truck is a perfect pick. It has the capacity to carry up to 150 Kg of luggage. You can use it to move loads within your home or outside to run errands.

Furthermore, it has a solid steel frame with a hammered finish, making it a robust solution to moving heavy stuff. The frame provides an anchor and support for the trolley during movement so that it does not buckle under the weight of the load.

At only 7kgs is super easy to move and store. Moreover, it is sturdy and durable, so it is bound to serve you for many years. Its base is curated with a diamond plate design that is non-slip to hold your goods steady during transit.
Additionally, this platform trolley is fitted with four casters, non-puncture rubber wheels, which you can use on different terrains. Also, it has ergonomically designed handles that are rounded to offer a firm and comfortable grip.

The trolley also has a folding handle, enabling you to fold the trolley in a stowaway position for convenience. Note that it comes unassembled, but that should not worry you, as the assembling process is a breeze. More importantly, it has a 2-year warranty on it, just in case, something is not working right.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is a platform trolley good for the office?
Absolutely. Platform trolleys can be used to carry boxes and documents from one department to another. They are convenient as they do not occupy too much space or make noise during movement.

Which platform trolley is perfect for gardening?
Most platform trolleys are suited for gardening, as they are multi-purpose. Still, you should know exactly what you want to use the trolley for so you can settle for the most suitable one. Is it carrying manure? Is it transporting gardening tools? Is it carrying gravel? Then, you can choose a trolley with the most suitable features for that particular task.

What factors should you consider when choosing a platform trolley?
There are several things you should look for in a platform trolley, depending on what you are planning to use it for. These factors include the load capacity, materials used, manoeuvrability, the trolley’s weight, and its cost.

What are trolleys and trucks used for?
Most trucks and trolleys are designed to be multi-purpose; that is, they can be used to carry bulky and heavy loads at home, in the office and even at warehouses. However, there are particular trucks and trolleys that are built for specific purposes, so it is best to do your due diligence so that you settle for the one that best suits your needs.

Final Words

There are hundreds of platform trolleys in the market. This article has reviewed ten of the best that you can choose from according to your specific needs. Remember to consider the factors discussed in the article before settling for one. If you need more information about the trolleys, feel free to click on the links provided.

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