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Best Trolley Carts 2021 – Our Top 10

The Best Trolley Carts PINA trolley cart is an excellent investment for anyone who spends a lot of time in the garden; they are ideal for transporting heavy loads like soil, stones, garden waste and even tools, perfectly demonstrating how versatile these products are. 

And speaking of versatile; were you aware that a trolley cart can also be used for a variety of other things like camping, going to the beach and attending a festival?

These handy pieces of equipment come in all shapes and sizes, and whether you need a super-strong, heavy-duty trolley cart or something a little more modest, you are sure to be able to find a product for you. 

But choosing the right product can be something of a headache-inducing task if you aren’t sure where to start.

Fortunately, we have hand-picked ten of the best trolley carts for 2021, so get ready to get back outside with a hefty companion that will make light work of even the most oversized loads.

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Product Load Capacity Material Item Weight Dimensions (cm)
Qualtex Large Heavy Duty Cart

350 kg Metal 20 kg 96.5 x 51 x 55
Pandamoto Large Heavy Duty Garden Cart

300 kg Metal Frame and Rubber Tire 19.7 kg 95 x 50 x 55
Garden Cart, Extra Large

450 kg Metal 27 kg 134 x 63 x 110
Deuba Garden Trolley Cart

550 kg Steel / Plastic N/A 102 x 52 x 41
VonHaus Garden Trolley/Cart

350 kg Steel 19.19 kg 93.98 x 50.55 x 16.76
Draper Garden Tipper Cart

200 kg Plastic 17.19 kg 96 x 51 x 22
UMI. Essentials Foldable Cart

100 kg Polyester 15 kg 72.9 x 57.9 x 19.8
VonHaus 75l Garden Dump Truck

250 kg Plastic 16.4 kg 97 x 54 x 22
Homfa Garden Cart Trolley

80 kg Iron + Oxford Fabric 8.74 kg 89 x 52 x 66
Draper Steel Mesh Gardeners Cart

200 kg Alloy Steel 19.06 kg 98 x 54.2 x 15.2

The Best Trolley Carts 2021

With the horror that was 2020 out of the way, you might think that having a fresh start and some new equipment for your home or for work. A trolley cart is an excellent investment for 2021, and there are so many fantastic products on the market right now. 

However, there might be so many that it quickly becomes difficult to pick out the good from the bad; but we have got your covered.

In our comprehensive guide to the best trolley carts for 2021, you will find a selection of products, each of which is suited to a different type of user; meaning that you will find something to match your needs.  

So, whether you are looking for something small to use in the garden or a huge piece of equipment for commercial use, take your pick from this incredible selection.

Qualtex Large Heavy Duty Cart

This heavy-duty trolley cart is robust and durable and will last you for many years. If you want to make a wise investment in outdoor equipment, then this is a fantastic place to start. The Qualtex has the ability to carry up to 350kg, so it is suitable for larger jobs or loads that are a little more demanding. 

It comes with a handy canvas bag for carrying finer items like sand or gravel, and this is entirely waterproof so even if it is raining heavily, you can cover the load and feel confident that it will not be affected by the moisture.

Moreover, the sides of the trolley cart fold down so that you can load and unload with ease and the easy to clean nature of the bag means that even after a particularly mucky load, you can have it looking like new in no time at all. 

If it’s ease of use you’re after, you won’t be disappointed since this one has an extendable handle which makes steering so much easier, no matter your height. It can be used on all terrains, thanks to the four pneumatic tyres and will remain stable no matter what you put it through. 

It is made with a sturdy metal frame and when unloaded weighs just 20kg so is a relatively lightweight product considering its size and ability.

Pandamoto Large Heavy Duty Garden Cart

This is another heavy-duty trolley cart with a maximum weight capacity of 300kg, so it is ideal for both commercial and domestic use.

One of the first things that you notice about this model is that it is relatively slimline so it would be perfect if you are limited on space or need to get through narrow openings. It is just 50cm wide but is still very lengthy at 92cm, so you are still getting a fair amount of space for your things. 

It features drop down sides which will take a lot of the strain out of loading and unloading and also comes with a removable interior cover for transporting more delicate loads. 

It is suitable to be used on all terrains, no matter how bumpy or uneven and the pneumatic tyres give you an incredible amount of stability and weight support. This support is reinforced by the sturdy metal frame.

The trolley weighs just less than 20kg when empty so despite being heavy-duty won’t cause you back-breaking work through extra weight. 

If you are looking for something that will be comfortable to use then the padded handle demonstrates just how nice this is to pull along. At 35inches this handle suits people of an average. 

Garden Cart, Extra Large

When you need something that is much more robust for moving extremely heavy loads, you might turn to this extra-large garden cart that can shift materials weighing up to 450kg. This is a great choice for builders, farmers and anyone else in the commercial sector that needs something strong and reliable. 

However, it would be just as good put to use in the home. When it arrives, the trolley will need assembling, but it can be easily done with the six bolts meaning you can get started on the task quickly. 

With this being a more heavy-duty product, it stands to reason that it might be a little larger in size and weight, but at 27kg, it isn’t that much larger than some of the other products we have looked at. The width is 63cm, so it might not be suitable for tighter openings.

This one comes with a towing ability which is useful when it is loaded to capacity as hauling 450kg manually might be a little too much. Furthermore, it has foldable sides so you can take the load off much more quickly. However, if you did want to pull it manually, the padded handle will give you a far more pleasant experience. 

Deuba Garden Trolley Cart

Deuba has an excellent range of outdoor products, all of which are very impressive in terms of quality and useability. This garden trolley cart is no exception, and you certainly won’t be disappointed by its many functions. 

To begin with, it is difficult not to notice the superior weight capacity; this trolley can carry massive loads weighing up to 550kg, undoubtedly one of the most robust trolley carts of its kind. But it’s impressive features don’t end there. The Deuba cart is 200 litres so as well as being strong; it is also large. 

It is supported by a coated steel frame and features a removal basket and bag. The bag is ideal for those finer materials like sand and is waterproof to keep the load protected. 

It features profiled wheels with ball-bearings that add to the smooth operation and ease of movement that this trolley boasts. The pneumatic tyres give you a great deal of weight support and make this trolley suitable to be used on all types of ground, both rugged and smooth. 

This one can be towed and is ideal for hooking up as a trailer for a lawn tractor or other small vehicle, so if you need to move your load further, this isn’t a problem. Once you are at your desired location, unloading the trolley couldn’t be any more straightforward thanks to the folding sides, which also make loading the trolley a breeze. 

VonHaus Garden Trolley/Cart

If you need something that is going to be able to manage a bulky load without giving up, then the VonHaus is an excellent product to consider. It features a maximum weight capacity of 350kg which makes this an extremely versatile trolley ideal for commercial work, garden jobs and for use in leisure activities.

It boasts four strong off-road tyres so you can feel confident that no matter where you take it, it will be up for the challenge. What’s more, it comes with a two-year warranty so in the unlikely event that it did collapse, you would be fully covered, this is an excellent little addition that you don’t see with all products of this type. 

The VonHaus trolley is slim enough to use in tight spaces without compromising on space, at 93 x 50cm; it isn’t difficult to see how this gives you the best of both worlds. Its empty weight comes in at just 19kg, so this won’t add a significant amount to the total when fully loaded. 

It has a padded handle for extra comfort when using and features foldable sides that are ideal for getting larger loads on and off with ease. 

Draper Garden Tipper Cart

Draper is a company that has been making this type of equipment since the 1920s, so you see how their experience and superior knowledge allows them to create a garden trolley that is truly exceptional. 

This is a steel trolley with a solid tub. Unlike many of the other options we have looked at which feature a caged frame and interior bag, the Draper garden tipper cart is able to carry any sort of load without the need for any additional equipment.

Just by looking at it, you begin to appreciate how sturdy this model is but when you learn that it can shift up to 200kg in a single load, you start to understand that in this case, looks certainly are not deceiving. 

This is an ideal product for use in the garden thanks to its compact design, dimensions come in at 96 x 51 x22, and you are getting 75 litres of space within the tub. When unloaded, the trolley weighs just 17kg, and it also features a long steel handle that is both durable and makes steering the trolley effortless. The handle is also padded so that you will always get a comfortable experience. 

It sits on four air-filled tyres which offer greater stability and manoeuvrability. Furthermore, these robust wheels mean that you can use the cart of a variety of surfaces without it tipping or becoming damaged. 

UMI Essentials Foldable Cart

Not all trolley carts need to be able to shift huge loads that weigh enormous amounts. There are some people who will need a trolley that is a little more modest. But just because you want something smaller, that doesn’t mean to say that you should have to compromise on quality and stability. The opposite is true, especially when you look at this model. 

The UMI essential trolley is excellent for anyone who wants a trolley to assist them in any domestic applications such as moving small amounts of aggregates around the garden. It has a maximum loading capacity of 100kg, so it might not be ideal for commercial loads, but in situations where less is more, this is a go-to product. 

One of the most impressive things about this one is that it has front wheels that are able to rotate 360º giving you far greater freedom of movement and control when transporting the load. Furthermore, the wheels feature ball-bearings which give you far quieter operation, if you have ever heard a trolley clattering over concrete; you will appreciate why this is of the utmost importance. 

What’s more, the bearings offer even more control, providing you with one of the most stable and comfortable experiences around. This comfort is further added to when we consider the padded handle that is fully adjustable. Moving it up and down is easy, so even if there are multiple users, adjusting it won’t take long. 

The trolley is made with a solid steel frame that is both durable and weatherproof, even if you have to leave it outside overnight, it won’t rust and will stand the test of time. It also comes with a waterproof polyester lining bag that features two smaller pockets. This is ideal if you need to carry additional equipment. 

VonHaus 75l Garden Dump Truck

We find ourselves looking at another VonHaus product, and this is no coincidence. VonHaus is a British company that has an impressive knowledge of all things home and garden. This knowledge and experience are perfectly demonstrated in this large dump truck that is ideal for both domestic and commercial use. 

It has a 75-litre tub and much like the Draper that we looked at earlier, this one has a solid tub rather than a frame and bag. This is great for shifting a variety of materials, and with a maximum load of 250kg, you certainly won’t be limited on what you can do with this model.

However, it is worth mentioning that the 250kg load weight does relate to when the trolley is stationary. If you want to use the tipping function, you must keep in mind that the load weight should be lowered to 180kg; that’s still quite substantial. 

The tub is crafted from durable plastic, and the frame is made from incredibly strong powder-coated steel which reinforces the strength and stability of the product. It has a long 78cm handle which is padded for comfort, and whilst this is not adjustable, it is the perfect height for most users.

If you need a little more pull to shift your load, then you will be pleased to know that this trolley has a towing kit so that you can hook it up to a larger vehicle. But even when pulling it by hand, the unloaded weight of just 16kg makes it super-easy.

Homfa Garden Cart Trolley

The Homfa trolley is great if you need just a small cart for everyday tasks. It has a smaller loading capacity of only 80kg so is perfect for use in the garden or as an alternative to a wheelbarrow, perhaps for those who struggle to manoeuvre two-wheeled products. 

It sits on four wheels, which at first glance are relatively small and nothing compared to the large pneumatic tyres that we see on some of the more robust models.

However, this is not an issue since the loads will be much smaller. The four-wheel design also offers you excellent stability even when moving over uneven ground. The two wheels at the front of the trolley are rotatable 360º which gives you ultimate control as you pull the cart around. 

You will feel even more confident about the strength of this trolley when you learn that, unlike many others, it is made with an iron frame, this is an exceptionally durable metal, so this is undoubtedly a trolley that will last you many years. 

This is a slimline model, so it is perfect if you need to make your way through tight gaps or around corners. Measuring just 52cm in width but with a length of 89cm, space is not compromised. 

The interior bag is made from Oxford fabric which is renowned for its moisture-resistance and durability. It is often used in food delivery bags for this very reason.

Draper Steel Mesh Gardeners Cart

We come back to the experience of Draper for this mesh gardeners cart that offers diversity and durability in an easy to use piece of equipment. It can carry weights of up to 200kg making it ideal for any sort of work whether at home or in a commercial setting.

One of the most impressive aspects of this trolley is that it boasts an ergonomic design that makes it nothing short of a pleasure to use. It has a long padded handle and foldable sides for easy loading and unloading. 

But despite being easy and comfortable, it is also extremely durable and is made from a solid steel alloy that offers an incredible amount of support to the load. 

It sits on four pneumatic tyres which, as we have learned, gives greater stability and control even when moving along uneven terrain. It is slightly wider than some of the other models on our list, but at 54cm, you would still get plenty of clearance when moving through a smaller space. 


In 2021 you have many options for trolley carts that will make light work of moving heavy or bulky loads and whether you need something small for the garden or a much larger product for commercial use, there is a trolley cart for you. 

But before you run off and throw your money at just any old product, it is important to look at the various features to ensure that the trolley will be fit for how you wish to use it. 

Once you are confident that you know what you need, we have put together a list of some of the best products available this year, all of which are robust, versatile and excellent value for money. 

What Is A Trolley Cart Used For?

A trolley cart is a four-wheeled piece of equipment that is often used in place of other wheeled items like sack trucks and wheelbarrows. Whilst both of these things have a massive number of benefits, they are better suited to specific jobs, whereas a trolley cart is perfect for moving more massive, heavier and more cumbersome loads. 

If you have the need to shift these heavy loads over a longer distance, these trolley carts can prove to be extremely useful. What’s more, some of them have towing hooks so you can connect them to a larger vehicle and really go the distance. 

A trolley cart can be used in the garden for moving things like garden tools, sand, soil, beer, rocks and much more, but they also have other applications. For example, many people use a trolley cart when they go on a camping trip; their large size makes transporting your camping equipment from the car to the campsite far more manageable, and you have plenty of room to store everything. 

Unlike other wheeled products, a trolley cart almost always has four wheels; this means that they are ideal for anyone who needs that extra bit of stability. If you have limited mobility or strength but still want the option to get outside and work in the garden, a trolley cart is indispensable. 

Unlike two-wheeled products, with four points of contact with the ground, you are getting a much more stable piece of equipment that will not tip or falter. What’s more, they have much better weight distribution so even when they are loaded to capacity; they are far easier to pull along than a wheelbarrow – ideal for anyone whose strength is not as good.

What To Look For In A Trolley Cart

Your options are pretty much limitless when it comes to choosing a trolley cart; all it takes is a quick Google search to demonstrate this. You will be presented with such a vast range of trolley carts that it can quickly become one of the most confusing shopping experiences of your life. 

But it doesn’t need to be that way; provided that you know exactly what you are looking for, the experience is made far more straightforward.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the things you should consider when purchasing a trolley cart for your garden.

Load Weight

Potentially one of the most critical aspects of buying this type of equipment is how much it can carry in one load. Now, it is vital to remember that trolley carts come in a range of different sizes and therefore, weight capacities. 

The size trolley cart that you will need will vastly depend on what you intend to use it for; there is very little point buying an enormous trolley that can handle hundreds of kilos if you only want to move a few tools around the garden. Similarly, it would not be a wise idea to purchase a trolley that can only manage 100kg and then load it with hundreds of kilos of rocks. 

You might find that you pay a little more for the privilege of a larger piece of equipment. Still, if you require something more robust, then it is better to make a more considerable initial investment than buying something that cannot handle the weight and very quickly have to replace it. 

Size And Weight

Another thing that is essential to think about when looking to buy a trolly cart is its dimensions and weight. The unloaded weight of the trolley will have an impact on how heavy the overall load is when it is filled to capacity. If you are exceptionally strong, then this might not apply to you, but for most people, additional weight is nothing more than an inconvenience. 

Fortunately, many carts are relatively lightweight, so even when you fill them up, there won’t be much extra weight to pull around. Using modern materials, being heavier when unloaded doesn’t necessarily mean that the cart will be any more durable. But we will look at this in a little more detail later on. 

Furthermore, you will want to look at the size of the cart. If you are going to be using it in an open space like at the beach or for farm work in the fields, it won’t matter so much if you purchase a hefty cart. Conversely, if you are going to be using it in a small garden or have the need to navigate tight spaces, then you might find something slimmer more beneficial. 

There are many colossal trolley carts, but equally, there are those that are much narrower. When looking online, be sure to check the dimensions in the product description or if you are shopping in-store, take a tape measure to make sure that you don’t come home with something too big.


In the main, a trolley cart will be made from some sort of metal. Most commonly, the frame is made from steel as this is a very lightweight material. Furthermore, steel is often treated so that it remains weatherproof and rust-proof for many years, making this ideal for products that will be used outdoors. 

That being said, there are some trolley carts that are made from iron, and although this metal is slightly heavier, it is exceptionally durable. 

You will also need to check out the lining; a lot of trolley carts come with an interior bag or lining that make it a lot easier to carry things like soil and sand that would otherwise slip straight through the holes in the frame. These bags are usually made from polyester, but it is vital that you check that they are waterproof. In most cases, you will find that they are, but there might be some that are inferior. 


As we have mentioned, trolley carts always have four wheels, and for the most part, these will be pneumatic types. These air-filled wheels are great for moving heavy loads as they are adept at taking the weight without waning under the pressure. This means that not only can you feel confident that the cart is stable, but it will also be much easier for you to move around.

There are carts that have solid wheels, but these are normally carts with a lesser weight capacity. It would be highly advisable to avoid a heavy-load capacity trolley without pneumatic wheels. 

Additionally, you may want to look at how the wheels move. In many cases, these trolleys feature front wheels that have the ability to rotate 360º and this makes manoeuvring the trolley far easier. It is commonly accepted that products with four wheels can be more challenging to turn, especially around tight corners. However, with fully rotational front wheels getting them from A to B suddenly becomes a lot more straightforward.


The last thing that anybody wants is to have to lug around a trolley cart that is uncomfortable to use; for a lot of people getting out and working in the garden is a hobby. But this can quickly turn into a chore when you don’t have ergonomic equipment. 

The good news is that many of these trolley carts are designed with user comfort in mind. One of the first giveaways that a trolley will be easy and comfortable to use is the handle. Take a look to see if the handle features any padding; if it does, you can feel confident that it won’t cause sore hands.

Furthermore, you should look for a trolley whose handle can be adjusted. Depending on your height, you might need a longer or shorter handle, and many of these products have handles that can be altered to suit your stature. 


As we mentioned earlier, there are some trolley carts that come with a towing kit. This means that you can hook them up to a larger vehicle such as a quad bike. 

If you need to move over much greater distances, then this is a must since pulling the cart by hand can be extremely demanding work. You might use this option if you will be using the trolley for commercial use as this type of work usually requires going a little further. 

Folding And Storage

One of the first things that you will notice about your trolley cart is how easy it is to put together. In the main, your cart will require assembling once you get it home, but fortunately, a lot of these products are easy to put together with nothing more than a few bolts. 

The good thing about this is that if you are very limited on storage space, you can take them apart between uses, especially if you will only be using it occasionally. 

However, many of these trolleys also come with foldable sides which make loading and unloading them a lot easier. Additionally, since the sides fold down, this can contribute to being more easily able to store them.

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