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Allotment Wheelbarrows – Buyer’s Guide

allotment wheelbarrow pinIf you enjoy tending to your vegetables and plants on your allotment then a good wheelbarrow is essential. A good allotment wheelbarrow enables you to move your tools, plants and soil around with ease.

Doing so with your hands or baskets would be time consuming and possibly dangerous, and that is why an allotment wheelbarrow is an essential tool to purchase. 

This buyers guides has been put together to help you find the best allotment wheelbarrow for your needs. We’ve included a selection of different priced barrows so you can be sure to find one that suits your budget.

Allotment wheelbarrows are built specially to carry heavy loads over a variety of terrains. Most are made with pneumatic tyres that absorb vibrations when wheeling over rough grounds.

However, If the ground you are working on is thorny, it is recommended to go for tyres that are not easily punctured. Most are made with galvanised steel that can withstand both cold and scorching weather.

What to consider when buying and Allotment Wheelbarrow

allotment wheelbarrowsWhen purchasing an allotment wheelbarrow, always ensure that the strength, quality and other specifications are equal to the task at hand. 

See to it that there is value for every penny you have spent. It would be wise to steer clear of the overly-priced ones- but if the value justifies the price, go for it. 

Another vital aspect to consider is the task for which you need the barrow. For lighter tasks such as gardening, the most relevant issue is the litre capacity because the wheelbarrow will be used to transport light materials many times. Therefore, it is wise to get a wheelbarrow with a large capacity pan, preferably 75-120 litres. 

The bed should also be wide enough to carry as much garden waste as possible per round. For more heavy-duty tasks such as ferrying construction materials, find a wheelbarrow that is sturdy, strong and balanced. 

For these ones pay attention to the load capacities, which is usually in Kilograms. Having front wheel supports and steel chassis is a big plus as they provide extra rigidity. A motor-powered wheelbarrow would be the best suited for the most burdensome tasks. 

The features you should review when choosing the best allotment wheelbarrow for yourself are:

In this article, we will highlight the best allotment wheelbarrows that you can purchase for your garden or construction needs.

Best Allotment Wheelbarrows Overview

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Cargo volume Load tub material Weight limit Tyres Handles
Arboria Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 80kgs Pneumatic Plastic grips
DJM Direct

Galvanised Steel 180Kg Pneumatic Plastic grips
Neo 65L Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 100kg Pneumatic Plastic grips
Marko Tools Colorado Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 150kg Pneumatic Synthetic rubber
Smartwiel Battery Powered Wheelbarrow

HDPE Plastic 50kg Electric wheel with bearing, auxiliary wheels Plastic grips

Arboria Wheelbarrow

When you first set your eyes on the Arboria Garden Wheelbarrow, you will notice that it is built for efficiency. The heavy-duty machine can carry up to 80 Kilograms of load making it reliable for the more onerous tasks. 

The anti-slip plastic grips on the handles make pushing the wheelbarrow less strenuous. It ferries up to 65 litres of load at a time, which is enough to get a good amount of work done. 

Its body is made of galvanised steel which makes it resistant to the effects of different external conditions. Thus, you can store it outside without worrying about it getting ruined by rainwater or too much heat. 

The tool is ‘self-assembly’ which is very simple considering it just bolts together- you do not need a degree in mechanical engineering for this. The wheelbarrow cruises around with a 13-inch pneumatic tyre that can withstand tough terrain. The Arboria Garden Wheelbarrow is a perfect fit to transport things to and from your garden.

DJM Direct

If you are looking for a sturdy allotment wheelbarrow for your garden the new DJM Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Garden Wheelbarrow may be precisely what you need. It has a bigger carrying capacity (180kg) than most similar wheelbarrows. 

Also, it can carry up to 90 litres of load, which is more than we can say about most wheelbarrows of the same size. With an item weight of 12.4 kilograms, it is extremely easy to push or pull from one place to another- you will not strain your muscles using it. 

The handle provides for a firm and comfortable grip, which offers assurance that the wheelbarrow will not slip midway. The puncture-proof, 14-inch tyre of the DJM wheelbarrow is strong and durable as it is made from top quality PU foam. The body itself is all steel with under pan support. You can store it outside without any technical consequences whatsoever. 

The product comes in an unassembled condition along with the instructions to do the fitting. All you need is an adjustable spanner (14mm or 9/16 AF) to fit everything in place.

Neo 65L Wheelbarrow

The Neo 65L Wheelbarrow Home Garden Cart makes handling heavy garden tasks so straightforward. The heavy-duty machine can handle up to 100 kilograms of garden waste, garden tools or construction materials. 

Its body is made with galvanised heavy-duty steel which renders it very sturdy. Using it is made a whole lot easier by the soft handles that give you such a firm and comfortable grip. Hence, you do not have to worry about a slipping accident or worse yet, a blistered palm. 

You can store it outside as the weather has no effects on the machine- this will save you a lot of space in your store for other tools that cannot withstand extreme atmospheric conditions, such as cutting tools. The 13-inch pneumatic tyres are well-suited for every terrain- be it smooth or rough. 

At its surprisingly low price, this wheelbarrow has more value than its cost. Its durability is a tad questionable, but apart from that, it is a wholesome wheelbarrow which is ideal for transporting stone, wood, construction materials and pretty much anything else you’d wish to carry in your garden.

Marko Tools Colorado Wheelbarrow

This is not your standard wheelbarrow as it has two-wheels instead of one. This gives it an edge over the ordinary wheelbarrow when it comes to manoeuvrability. 

The tyres are inflatable and made of durable pneumatic material, so you can be sure you will not be replacing those any time soon. The Marko Tools Colorado wheelbarrow has a capacity of 80 L, which is enough to get a significant amount of work done. 

It can carry up to 150 Kilograms of load distributed uniformly in its tray. Compared to other wheelbarrows, however, the trunk is shallow and may tip the load over if the handle is raised too high. It is, therefore, most suited for easy tasks around the garden like carrying tools and moving earth around the garden. 

The body of this wheelbarrow is all galvanised steel which makes it sturdy and durable. Assembling, it is easy enough, but a little more complicated than the standard because of its slightly different anatomy. If you want an excellent wheelbarrow for your garden without having to dig too deep into your pocket, this is it!

Smartwiel Battery Powered Wheelbarrow

Unlike the other wheelbarrows in this review, the Smartwiel Battery Powered Wheelbarrow gets its power from a battery. The Li-ion battery has a high-capacity variable performance of up to 500 watts with which you can pull a 50kg load uphill with minimum effort. 

On a single charge, the wheelbarrow can operate continuously for up to 8 hours or for a distance of 10 kilometres. Thus, the motor aspect of the wheelbarrow makes handling heavy loads fast and easy. 

It has an ergonomic grip that is very comfortable and convenient. The durability of the wheelbarrow is top-notch as it is constructed with stainless steel and the HDPE plastic which are resistant to damage, frost and impact. 

You can disassemble and fold it, which makes it very easy to store and transport. The wheelbarrow comes with a 10-year warranty on the container and frame, which is a very attractive deal. For its high price, it has value for every penny. It is the perfect wheelbarrow to go for if what you are after is quality.


All the allotment wheelbarrows mentioned above come with different qualities. It is, therefore, essential to check the features of each very carefully so that you are in a good position to choose the best allotment wheelbarrow for your needs. 

Keep in mind that the load capacity is an essential aspect for light duties, just as weight capacity is an important factor for heavy-duty wheelbarrows. Click on the links provided to garner more information about the wheelbarrows and to make an order.

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