Best Affordable Wheelbarrows & Trolleys

Best Affordable Wheelbarrows & Trolleys – Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the right wheelbarrow? They’re a highly adaptable garden tool, perfect for gardeners, construction workers, horse owners, and more. 

When looking for a wheelbarrow, you want something that will last for a long time and stand up to a lot of use, but won’t break the bank. 

Here’s our guide to some of the best affordable wheelbarrows on the market right now. 

You’d think that you’d have to pay more for a wheelbarrow, in order to get the best possible quality. It is true that wheelbarrows of varying quality are out there online, and you have to choose carefully. Some will be better than others, and you want to pick the one that’s right for you. 

However, a cheaper price doesn’t mean that the wheelbarrow won’t give you what you need. You just need to know what you’re looking for. Here are some of the best affordable wheelbarrows on the market right now, and what makes them so excellent. 

Best Affordable Wheelbarrows

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Cargo volume Load tub material Weight limit Tyres Handles
Arboria Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 80kgs Pneumatic Plastic grips
Marko Tools Colorado

Galvanised Steel 150kg Pneumatic Synthetic rubber
Draper DRA31619 Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel N/A Pneumatic Plastic grips
DJM Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 180Kg Pneumatic Plastic grips
Neo 65L Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 100kgs Pneumatic Plastic grips

Arboria Wheelbarrow

This wheelbarrow is perfect for someone who wants a wheelbarrow that they can use in their garden, to move plants around or collect trimmings when you’re cutting plants back. 

Just because you want a quality wheelbarrow, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot. This wheelbarrow gives you exactly what you need at a priced that’s highly affordable. 

This wheelbarrow holds up to 65 litres, more than enough to carry around what you need in your garden. It’s also rated to carry up to 80kgs, so no matter what you need to move, you can do it and know that the wheelbarrow is up to the task.

When this wheelbarrow comes to you you’ll see that it needs some assembly. It’s very easy to do, the metal frame simply bolts together in a matter of minutes. You’ll have the wheelbarrow ready for work in no time at all. 

This wheelbarrow is designed to last. The galvanised design means you can leave it outdoors without worry, with no risk of it rusting over time. Rubber grips on the handles make it easy and comfortable to move around too, so you’ll be able to use this wheelbarrow for years to come. 

Marko Tools Colorado 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

This wheelbarrow changes up the design of the traditional wheelbarrow, making it easier to move around and more than capable of handling any job. This model holds up to 80 litres, with a large 150kg weight capacity.

It’s a great option both for the homeowner and people in the trades. The galvanised steel construction will ensure that it can stand up to all weathers too, so no worrying about it rusting if you’re working out in the rain. 

This unique wheelbarrow has a two wheeled design, making it more stable than other options on the market. The wheels are larger than average too, which helps with stability when carrying heavy loads. It also comes with one long handlebar, designed to make it easier to manoeuvre.

The whole design has been done with you in mind. Whatever you need the wheelbarrow for, you’ll see it’s so much easier to get around even when it’s full up with gravel, dirt, or anything else that’s usually hard to move. 

This is another wheelbarrow that comes designed for self assembly, too. It’s very easy to put together, so you can get using it as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. 

Draper DRA31619 Wheelbarrow

Are you on a budget? You don’t have to compromise on a good wheelbarrow in order to get what you need. This model offers you everything you need at a price you can easily afford.

This wheelbarrow is perfect for general use around your garden. It comes with a 0.7mm gauge tray that has a 65 litre capacity, more than enough to help you get your garden up to speed for the summer. 

You’ll be able to move all kinds of things around in that tray without a problem. Again, this one is galvanised, so you don’t have to worry about rust. It’s a good option if you don’t have indoor storage space for your tools. It can stay outside without a problem. 

The wheel fitted to this wheelbarrow has a pneumatic tyre, so it’s a smooth ride. If you’ve found wheelbarrows hard to move before, you’ll certainly see the difference with this one. Draper are well known for creating high quality products, and have been doing so for over 90 years. You’re going to be safe with this choice, and save money too. 

DJM Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

Looking for something that can take more than the average garden wheelbarrow, but still won’t cost the earth? This choice is for you. The whole design of this wheelbarrow ensures that it will keep coming come rain, heavy loads, or even sharp objects in the tyre. 

The tray is made of galvanised steel, and can hold 90 litres max. That gives you a 180hg capacity, perfect for moving those heavier loads around. You can be sure it can hold it, as the tray has steel support underneath. No worries about the wheelbarrow breaking under a heavy load of rubble or gravel as you use it. 

The wheel is great too, as it is puncture proof. This is thanks to it’s construction from top quality PU foam. As it’s foam rather than air filled, you don’t have to worry about rolling over a hidden nail or piece of glass. That makes it perfect for any building site. 

Again, this wheelbarrow comes unassembled but you’ll find it’s so easy to put it together. It’ll be done in minutes, and you’ll have a wheelbarrow that will last for years to come. 

Neo 65L Wheelbarrow

Finally we have the Neo wheelbarrow, another excellent choice for the home gardener, and one of the cheapest wheelbarrows on our list. Even though it’s on the cheaper side, you’ll see that it’s still high quality and ready to carry whatever you need.

As the name implies, the wheelbarrow can carry up to 65 litres at once, more than enough if you’re using the wheelbarrow at home. It holds up to 200kg too, so even some trades people will find this wheelbarrow is more than up to the task of moving items around.

The design is attractive too, with an all galvanised steel construction. This is topped off with a green pneumatic wheel, with green rubber hand grips to match. It will look great sat in your garden, even when you’re not in the process of using it.

That great design gives you better usage, too. The pneumatic wheel makes it much easier to push around, even when its filled to the brim. The rubber grips make it comfortable and easy to move around as needed.

How To Pick The Best Wheelbarrow

These are some of the best wheelbarrows on offer right now, and they all look great. How are you going to pick the right affordable one for you and your needs? Here are some tips that will help you out. 

Consider how the wheelbarrow will be used:

It’s so important to do this, to ensure that you get the right wheelbarrow for the job. Will you be using the wheelbarrow for domestic jobs, such as light gardening or moving items around? Or, will you be using it for trade work? 

If you’re moving heavy items around regularly, you’ll need a wheelbarrow that can take the right amount of weight. 

Most of the wheelbarrows listed here can take a good amount of weight, but check carefully before you make your purchase. If you try and load more into your wheelbarrow than it’s rated to carry, then it won’t last long. 

How big does your wheelbarrow need to be?

If you’re using a wheelbarrow in the garden and only need it for light tasks, then you’re not going to need a very large wheelbarrow. That’s good news for you, as you’ll be able to get a good quality wheelbarrow for a good price.

Even if you need it for heavier loads, you’re going to be able to get a good wheelbarrow without spending a lot, too. Just be careful to check the size of the wheelbarrow. If you’re checking sizes and weight limits before you buy, you’ll get just the right wheelbarrow for you.

Pick the right materials:

Wheelbarrows are traditionally metal, but come in all kinds of materials these days. If you’re only using a wheelbarrow for light work, a plastic tray is going to be more than enough to suit your needs. As a bonus, it will be lighter too. If you need something with more strength, then a metal wheelbarrow will make more sense.

If you do get a metal wheelbarrow, you’ll need to consider where you’ll keep it. If it needs to stay outside, it is at risk of rusting. If you want to avoid that, then get a galvanised steel wheelbarrow. These will resist rust and so can be left outdoors without worry.

Think about the ground you're using the wheelbarrow on:

Yes, the ground you use the wheelbarrow on really is important. It will affect how you move the wheelbarrow around, and how easy it is to move. If the area you’ll use it on is fairly flat, then you have your choice of wheelbarrows. You can go for a hybrid wheelbarrow, one that has more than one wheel and can be moved anywhere with ease.

If you’re going to be working on hilly ground though, a specific hill use wheelbarrow will be better. These are usually made from lightweight plastic, and so will be easier to get up hills. Don’t pick one with a steel frame, as this will make it much heavier, making your job harder. Also, a two wheeled wheelbarrow will be helpful here. The Marko Tools Colorado wheelbarrow is a good example of one of these.

Check out the tyres:

The tyres on your wheelbarrow are more important than you’d think. They’re carrying all the weight of your load on them, so they need to be up to the job. Look for tyres that have treads, and that aren’t made of plastic, as they won’t last long enough or give you the control you need.

In this list of affordable wheelbarrows, you’ve seen both pneumatic tyres and foam tyres. They’re both excellent options for your wheelbarrow. Pneumatic tyres are very much like car tyres, and will give you excellent movement and control as you move the wheelbarrow around.

Foam tyres are great if you’re worried about your tyres getting punctured. They can take all kinds of sharp objects and still keep rolling, so you won’t have to worry if you’re using it in an area that could puncture regular tyres.

Check out the handles:

You’ll also want to look at the handles on your wheelbarrow, as these affect how you move it around too. In most cases, you’ll see that the handles come with grips. Good quality grips help you keep control of the wheelbarrow, and move it around as needed. 

The handles themselves comes in different materials, such as wood, steel, and so on. On heavy duty frames, you’ll see you’re more likely to get steel or another metal. 

The shape of the handles is important, too. There’s the classic two gripped wheelbarrow, that you’ll think of when thinking of this classic garden tool. With modern wheelbarrows come different types of handles. 

Pull behind, trolley style wheelbarrows will have a long handle with a ring at the end for you to hold. There are other wheelbarrows that have one long bar to push on too, rather than two handles. Pick the one that would work best for you. 

In Conclusion

There’s so much choice when it comes to wheelbarrows. Use this guide to help you find the right wheelbarrow for you. You’ll soon be able to start gardening, building, or whatever else you need that wheelbarrow for.

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