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Best Barn Wheelbarrows – Buyers Guide

Best Barn Wheelbarrows PinIn any activity that we do, we must have the right tools or equipment to achieve satisfactory results. For example, if you are a farmer, you must invest in the right livestock breed, crop variety, and tools. 

A wheelbarrow is one of the most commonly used simple machines on any farm. However, most farmers are not keen when buying one. It is important to note that there are different types of wheelbarrows- all of which serve different purposes. 

For instance, there are those suited for construction, while others are appropriate for barns. In this article, we will dive into barn wheelbarrows, discuss why you need one, and highlight our top picks. 

Barn wheelbarrows are mainly used for moving animal waste, hay, dirty shavings, bedding, mulch, soil, and feeds. Apart from this, they can be used as a makeshift toolbox for some of your farm essentials. However, due to the numerous options available in the market, settling for a given wheelbarrow is never easy.

Barn work can be very stressful and can strain your back and shoulders. This is because you will not be operating your wheelbarrow on an even surface, which will require you to exert more force to move your load. 

A day spent caring for your horses involves a lot of movement between the stalls and paddocks. Thus you need a wheelbarrow that will evenly distribute the weight of your load by having a well-positioned fulcrum. Also, it has to be sturdy, long-lasting, stable, and rust-resistant. As such, to optimize your efficiency, you must invest in a good barn wheelbarrow.

Before buying a wheelbarrow, you must consider; the quality, material, load capacity, and more critical functionality. To help you find the best barn wheelbarrow, we have compiled a list of five products that we believe are the best in the market. 

Our recommendations have been influenced by the following parameters- dimensions, uses, applications, size, and a host of other features we saw necessary to point out.

Barn Wheelbarrows Overview

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Cargo volume Load tub material Weight limit Tyres Dimension
TAHA Garden Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 180kg Pneumatic 60cm(W) x 145cm(L) x 70cm(H)
Marko Tools Colorado

Galvanised Steel 150kg Pneumatic 74cm(W) x 131cm(L) x 70cm(H)
Rhyas Twin Wheeled Wheelbarrow

Polypropylene 150kg Pneumatic 63cm(W) x 92cm(L) x 24cm(H)
DJM Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 180Kg Pneumatic 58cm(W) x 122cm(L) x 58cm(H)
FoxHunter Tipper Wheelbarrow

Plastic 150kgs Pneumatic 51cm(W) x 110cm(L) x 49.5cm(D)

TAHA Garden Wheelbarrow

It is difficult to talk about the TAHA Garden Wheelbarrow without sounding a little biased. While this product is primarily designed to be used in barns and gardens, it is very versatile and can even be utilised during construction. 

TAHA is a recognisable brand; thus, these wheelbarrows are fairly common. Their popularity is driven by the fact that they are lightweight, have the right thickness, easy to assemble the parts and more importantly, affordable. 

Additionally, this wheelbarrow has a capacity of 180 kg or 100 litres. This means that you can easily carry a heavy load. Despite being made out of steel, the TAHA Garden wheelbarrow is lightweight- also it is durable and sturdy. Now on to some technicalities. The single 15-inch wide pneumatic tyre helps to balance out the load and smooth over the ground. 

Dimensions of the wheelbarrow are 60cm (W) x 145cm (L) x 70cm (H). A guide on how to assemble it is normally provided in the package. Its price tag ensures that you get a product worthy of its value. Lastly, ensure that you maintain the tyre pressure as recommended in the buyer’s guide (maximum 30 PSI) to enhance effectiveness.

Marko Tools Colorado 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

The Marko Tools Colorado 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow has been in the market for some time. This wheelbarrow has become popular among farmers due to its versatility. It can be used both in the garden and in barns. 

Unlike most wheelbarrows, this one has two pneumatic inflatable tyres which make it easier to move your load in muddy and uneven areas. Additionally, this feature makes it stable and effortless to handle. It has a capacity of 150 kg or 80 litres- which is ideal for barn works. 

Furthermore, the design of this wheelbarrow allows for uniform distribution of weight, giving you better control- tipping over is nearly impossible. Lastly, Marko has done an excellent job when it comes to durability. You will not have to worry about constant replacements of damaged parts such as wheels and handles.

If you choose to purchase this wheelbarrow, it is good to note that you have to do the assembling. However, it comes with a complete guide on how to go about the whole process, which is relatively simple.

Rhyas Twin Wheeled Wheelbarrow

Just like the previous wheelbarrow, this one also comes with 2 wheels. This is meant to increase stability by evenly distributing the weight. As such, it is perfect gardens, barns or stables. Now let us look at some of the specific features. 

This wheelbarrow comes with a very durable polypropylene hopper. It also has a metal pipe frame that is weatherproof. You won’t have to worry about rust. Since it is lighter than most other brands, handling it is effortless. 

However, the downside of its light nature is that the capacity is slightly lower (55 litres or 150 kg). Nonetheless, this is more than sufficient for ordinary barn tasks such as moving hay or waste. The two heavy-duty pneumatic wheels make this product ideal for the muddy and uneven topography of barns. Finally, this wheelbarrow is very easy to assemble- it will only take you five minutes.

DJM Direct Wheelbarrow

The DJM wheelbarrow comes with a more traditional design compared to the others discussed here. It has one wheel and a shiny stainless steel hopper. Due to its simple design, it is multifunctional -you can use it in gardens, little construction works, and in barns. 

While at first glance, it might look like any other ordinary wheelbarrow, it comes with some excellent feature. First of all its capacity (90 litres or 180 kg) is unmatched by most other brands. It also comes with a steel hopper and an under pan support to increase stability and durability. 

The handles are easy to grip and lightweight (15 kg). Lastly, it comes with a 14-inch puncture-proof tyre made from PU foam. The product comes unassembled. Assembling is relatively easy. However, you should have a 14mm spanner or 9/16 AF spanner, 19mm spanner or 9.5mm slotted screwdriver.

FoxHunter Tipper Wheelbarrow

The FoxHunter Tipper Wheelbarrow is very unique. It comes with not one, not two but four pneumatic tyres to help you haul your load easily and for added stability. 

The huge load capacity of 75 litres or 150 kg is just what you need for any routine barn work. Additionally, due to its long handle (78 cm), the effort you exert when pushing or pulling your load is minimised. 

Also, it enables the cart to be attached and towed by other vehicles. FoxHunter has made loading and unloading effortless since the hopper/bed is adjustable.  Despite all these fantastic features, this is one of the most budget-friendly wheelbarrows in the market.


We hope that through the details we have provided, you can now make an informed decision the next time you are in the market for a barn wheelbarrow.  However, we highly recommend the TAHA Garden Wheelbarrow– it has a large capacity and is also very affordable.

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