Best Wheelbarrows & Trolleys For Gravel

Best Wheelbarrows & Trolleys For Gravel – Buyer’s Guide

Best Wheelbarrow for Gravel pinThere is a range of uses for the wheelbarrow with both hobby gardeners and tradespeople finding a use for these essential outdoor pieces of equipment.

Modern wheelbarrows have an impressive ability to haul great weights effortlessly and one of the most common uses for these tools is to move gravel around the garden or workplace.

However, not all wheelbarrows are designed to deal with this type of load with some having a great advantage over others when it comes to shifting heavy loads.

In this article, we are going to be exploring the best wheelbarrows for gravel and looking at the features that make these wheelbarrows a cut above the rest where transporting gravel is concerned.

Gravel is one of the heavier loads that we might use a wheelbarrow for and so it is no surprise that a wheelbarrow for this use needs to be sturdy, durable and reliable and won’t give way under the weight of its load.


With such a wide range of wheelbarrows on the market, it is vital that you select one that has the capability to manage repeated transportation of gravel and one of the key features in achieving this is a strong tyre. 

Traditional wheelbarrows feature a single, usually pneumatic tyre which gives greater control when manoeuvering heavy loads like gravel. However, some of the newer models feature strong, puncture-proof tyres that are still able to withstand heavy cargo. 

Additionally, there are many newer models of the wheelbarrow that have two, three or even four tyres. Whilst these are not as easy to move around and are therefore more suited to flat terrain, they are superior when it comes to stability and durability. 


When choosing a wheelbarrow for gravel, it is important to determine whether you require ease of manoeuvrability or whether you will be working on even ground and need added strength. 

Furthermore, the best wheelbarrows for gravel feature sturdy frames, often made from steel that are able to stand the pressure of heavy-duty loads. 


The material of the tub can be either plastic or steel. In days gone by, it may have been suggested that metal tubs were preferable for this use due to plastics tendency to weaken over time, but with modern design and reinforced materials, this is no longer as much of an issue. 


When carrying a heavy load such as gravel, it is important to have a wheelbarrow that is lightweight because let’s face it, you aren’t going to want any more additional weight than is necessary, especially if you are taking multiple trips to unload with your wheelbarrow. 

There are many excellent choices for lightweight wheelbarrows. But don’t be fooled, they may be in the featherweight category but they can still pack a punch where strength is concerned.


Finally, you should be sure that the wheelbarrow you select has strong handles. Oftentimes, wheelbarrows will come fitted with substandard handles that will quickly buckle when heavy loads are added to the tub – you have two options – reinforce the handles or purchase a wheelbarrow that can handle the strain from the get-go. 

The latter is clearly preferable and we have sourced some of the strongest and best wheelbarrows for gravel currently available.

The Best Wheelbarrows For Gravel

No-one wants to spend their life savings on a wheelbarrow, no matter how good it may be so we think that it is important to find one that does the job for a reasonable price and will stand the test of time. 

Below are some of, what we consider to be, some of the very best wheelbarrows for moving gravel and other heavy loads, all of which come in under £90 – that’s pretty impressive.

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Cargo volume Load tub material Weight limit Tyres Dimension
THECA Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 200kg Pneumatic 140 x 55 x 60 cm
Oypla Heavy-Duty Plastic Wheelbarrow

Plastic 150kg Pneumatic 65 x 140 x 65 cm
Draper Garden Tipper Cart

Plastic 200kg Pneumatic 96 x 51 x 22 cm
TAHA Wheelbarrow

Plastic 180kg Pneumatic 60 x 145 x 70 cm
FoxHunter Dump Truck

Plastic 150kg Pneumatic 110 x 51 x 49.5 cm

THECA Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow

It’s highly likely that when shifting gravel and stones, you aren’t going to want to make too many unnecessary trips so a high capacity wheelbarrow is a must. That’s where the THECA heavy-duty wheelbarrow really steps up to the mark, with a 110=litre tub, there is plenty of space. 

What’s more, it can handle weights of up to 200kg and has been fully strength tested so you know that it won’t give way in the middle of an important job. Despite its hefty capacity, the THECA wheelbarrow is ideal for tight spaces thanks to its super slim design. 

The wheelbarrow features a sturdy galvanised metal tub and frame and comes in an attractive yet simple design. The under-frame support gives additional strength so that, when static, you know the wheelbarrow won’t topple over or buckle under the weight of the load.

The single tyre makes navigating your way over even the most uneven ground a breeze, no matter whether the wheelbarrow is empty or filled to capacity and the handle grips provide extra comfort to prevent sores and calluses from repeated use.

As we have discovered, when moving heavy loads like gravel, it is important to have a wheelbarrow that is lightweight yet durable and this is exactly what the THECA wheelbarrow offers. Despite its impressive strength, the empty wheelbarrow weighs just 15kg making it easy to move around even with a full load.

Oypla Heavy-Duty Plastic Wheelbarrow

If you have been crying out for a super lightweight wheelbarrow that can manage heavy loads, look no further than the Oypla wheelbarrow. 

Its small size and the limited capacity of 70kg might give off a false impression, to begin with, but when we look more closely and see that this nifty little number can manage weights of up to 150kg, it becomes clear that this is up there with the big guns.

Weighing just 11kg when unloaded and measuring in at just 65 x 140 x 65 cm, the Oypla wheelbarrow delivers superior strength coupled with ease of manoeuvrability and the ability to fit through even the tightest spaces.

The wheelbarrow comes on two pneumatic tyres which make this the perfect option for anyone needing added stability. Two-wheeled wheelbarrows offer a safer experience which is especially important for those who struggle with heavier loads, reducing the chance of the wheelbarrow tipping over whilst moving. 

This stability is further achieved with the hardy steel frame that supports the plastic tub. What’s more, the Oypla wheelbarrow boasts a super-soft handle that makes operating the equipment a dream and will not leave you sore or uncomfortable. 

Draper Garden Tipper Cart

One of the most important things to look for when sourcing a wheelbarrow for transporting gravel is that unloading will be effortless – without this feature, there is a risk of back or muscle strain and the Draper garden tipper cart couldn’t be a better option. 

It features a simple tipping mechanism that allows for the easiest unloading you will likely ever experience. But that isn’t to say that it can’t handle a hefty load – the Draper tipper cart can easily manage loads up to 200kg, making it one of the strongest on our list.

This is a great option for anyone who has mobility issues since the four-wheel design can be pulled as opposed to being pushed like a traditional wheelbarrow, this reduces strain and allows you to move heavier loads than you would usually – always be mindful, however. Additionally, the Draper tipper cart’s four wheels give added stability so even when loaded to the brim, the cart will not topple over or lose strength.

Whilst the unloaded weight of this one is slightly higher at just over 17kg, the design means you will unlikely to notice this. What’s more, with a width of just 51cm and a length of 96cm, this is the perfect choice for smaller spaces, making it the ideal garden companion.

The frame is made from sturdy steel, further reinforcing the strength whilst the tub is made from a durable plastic that won’t crack under the pressure. Draper have been experts in the tool and gardening field for 90 years and have spent a lot of time developing products that are reliable and hardy.

TAHA Wheelbarrow

If strength and extra heavy loads are what you need then the TAHA wheelbarrow might just be the solution to your problems. It is easily able to shift loads as much as 180kg in its generous 100-litre tub yet with its compact, slim design, this is still an excellent option for small spaces.

The steel tray is strong enough alone but with the additional support featured on this wheelbarrow you can be confident that it will put up with the strain, no matter what. 

What’s more, the TAHA boasts a 15-inch pneumatic tyre that is designed to handle the load effortlessly. Furthermore, the single tyre makes navigating your way over rough or sloped ground simple and quick without the fear of the wheelbarrow tipping over, thanks to the ease of control. 

The lightweight design means that even when the wheelbarrow is fully loaded, it is still super easy to manoeuver and won’t break your back in the process.

FoxHunter Heavy-Duty Garden Dump Truck

One of the most notable features of the FoxHunter is that the extra-long handle means that the wheelbarrow can be tethered to a larger vehicle for even easier transporting and unloading. 

It also has a towing shackle specifically designed for use with a quad bike – perfect for use in larger spaces such as the workplace or on the farm. However, even for manual use, the padded handle makes light work of even the heaviest loads. And speaking of heavy loads, this one is capable of moving up to 150kg at a time in its 75-litre tray.

Sitting on four sturdy pneumatic tyres, the FoxHunter offers added stability and is ideal for anyone who needs a little extra help with moving the piece of equipment around their outdoor space. The dump truck also features front-wheel steering which makes manoeuvering it so easy as it glides along the ground without tipping over.

The tub is made from durable plastic and is supported by a steel frame that adds to the stability and strength of the product and all in all, the dump truck weighs in at just under 14kg, an essential factor when moving heavy loads like stones and gravel. 

It also features a dual axle which makes unloading the dump truck the stuff of dreams – effortless, easy and an all-round pleasant experience. 


Light loads such as weeds, plants and garden tools can often be addressed with a simple, traditional wheelbarrow but when it comes to moving heavier loads – for example, gravel, stones and sand, it is important to have a wheelbarrow that can withstand the weight and make moving these items easy.

That’s where these lightweight yet heavy-duty wheelbarrows save the day. All of them provide the user with everything they need to make transporting heavy loads easy and pain-free.

The key components of the best wheelbarrows for gravel and other heavy loads are added support, strong tyres and durable materials as well as being lightweight so that you don’t have to haul any additional weight when they are fully loaded.

Include all of these things in a wheelbarrow for moving gravel and you have yourself a recipe for success.

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