Best WheelBarrows & Trolleys for Ladies

Best WheelBarrows & Trolleys for Ladies – Buyers Guide

best for ladies pinThere is a true saying – “If you give a woman a house, she will give you a home”. 

Women are better than men in almost all aspects. But in terms of physical strength, men are genetically gifted. That is why, when it comes to heavy lifting work or tasks such as loading/unloading a wheelbarrow or construction work, choosing the right tool is important for women.

The average height of women in the UK is 5’3” and using any average wheelbarrow might not only be inconvenient but also harm the spine and joints in the long run.

A variety of wheelbarrows are available in stores, but the best suitable for ladies is a wheelbarrow that is manoeuvrable, convenient, light-weight and has appropriate dimensions such as height, width, and length that are in tandem with a women’s height. Of course, a wheelbarrow that comes in feminine colours is also important for it to be satisfactory.

Keeping in mind all the important aspects, such as quality, capacity, durability, and even the best colours, we have chosen the 5 best wheelbarrows for ladies. For more detailed information, check our comprehensive “Buying Guide” to make an informed choice.

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Cargo volume Load tub material Weight limit Tyres Handles
Wheelbarrows Direct

Galvanised Steel 290kg Twin Puncture Proof Wheels Anti slip grips
Smartwiel Battery Powered (500 Watts)

HDPE Plastic 50kg Electric wheel with bearing, auxiliary wheels Plastic grips
Bristol Big Mucker

Plastic 120kg Pneumatic Plastic grips
Walsall 90L/125KG Wheelbarrow

Plastic 125Kg Pneumatic Plastic grips
FoxHunter 75L/150kgs Wheelbarrow

Plastic 150kgs Pneumatic Plastic grips

Wheelbarrows Direct - 200L/290KG Pink Wheelbarrow.

If you are looking for high quality, large wheelbarrow which is easy to handle and looks good, then this is the one for you. Made with high-quality galvanised steel it is robust backyard equipment. 

The hard tray with a thickness of 5mm fits firmly on the tough tubular steel frame with durable nylon locking nuts making it more sturdy.

Its 200L capacity is about 4 to 5 times larger than the average builders’ wheelbarrows. High capacity means better convenience for tasks such as mucking out or carrying bigger objects. It has firm balance with the twin, puncture-proof plastic wheels on both sides.

Carrying heavy loads, hay or bedding straw is a breeze with its 86cms height and proper weight distribution on both wheels. With its 60cms handle width, it is a treat to push as it puts less weight on your body.

Though it’s a big wheelbarrow, it is light on weight. The actual weight of the wheelbarrow is 20 kgs and it can carry weights up to 290 kgs. It is rugged and excels in outdoor conditions, farm sheds, stables or gardens. It comes pre-assembled and is a good value for money.

Apart from great functionality, its pinkish-purple colour gives a very unique, feminine touch to your stable or garden. The tires come in a yellow and pink colour combination but can be changed to black if you are a fan of black colour on wheelbarrows. Just mention the preferable tyre colour while making the purchase.


Length: 150cms.
Width: 90cms.
Height: 86cms.

Smartwiel Battery Powered 185L/50KG Motor Wheelbarrow

This battery-powered wheelbarrow is efficient and easy to operate with its powerful and energy-efficient electric drive. Its high capacity 4400mAh / Li-ion 36 V battery takes about 1.5 to 3 hours to charge and can operate for about 2 to 3 weeks of regular use on a single charge.

The indicators on the handles show if the battery is full, half or empty. With an average load of about 50 kgs, a single charge can drive for up to a distance of 10 km and can operate continuously for 8 hours. It is capable of pulling a top load of 80kgs uphill and its brushless motor is able to produce power up to 500W which adjusts automatically depending on the load.

The ergonomic grip handles ensure that your hands are left unscathed even after a full day’s work. Manoeuvring this 3 tired wheelbarrow in tight spots is easy with its reverse drive and braking system. Made of stainless steel frame and HDPE plastic container, It is resistant to frost, damage and impact.

This makes it highly durable and gives it a long-lasting life. This 31 kg electric wheelbarrow does not have a fixed structure. It can be folded or disassembled through a couple of removable screws, this makes it easy to store and transport. It is excellent for daily home use, gardening, construction work and backyard work.

The frame and container have a 10-year warranty. The tray comes in a green colour and blends perfectly with the landscape. It comes with 1 battery and charger included in the package.


Length: 165cms.
Width: 84.5cms.
Height: 84cms.

Bristol Big Mucker 100L/120KG Wheelbarrow

This single tire (puncture-proof) wheelbarrow comes in a kit form with a complete assembly instruction for effortless and simple home assembly. It’s easy to handle design and balanced frame makes it convenient to use even on rough terrains. 

The sturdy and hard container is made of high-quality plastic that doesn’t react to animal waste and toxins. The 3mm thickness plastic tub is 33.5csm deep and has a high back that helps in avoiding manure or mud falling off. 

Its galvanised frame is sturdy and is fitted with steel skids at the bottom of the frame legs to protect it from wear and tear. The overall weight if this wheelbarrow is 11 kgs. It is fitted with a ball bearing 3.5” x 8 wheel and pneumatic tyre that is capable of handling heavy-duty work efficiently. With its 120 kgs loading capacity and 100 litres of liquid capacity, it is most useful for backyard work, stable chores and gardening. 

This can be used as a general-purpose wheelbarrow too. The smart design at the front gives extra support to the tray when it is being loaded making it easier to work with. It adds beauty to your backyard or farm with its stylish and neat looks. The bright pink colour has its own charm and gives more significance to give a touch feministic look to your garden.


Length: 146cms.
Width: 60.5cms.
Height: 59cms.

Walsall 90L/125KG Wheelbarrow

A British made product that is most adored for its colour and size. This wheelbarrow has many fans in its own segment. This is perfect for ladies who find it difficult to handle heavy wheelbarrows. 

It’s super lightweight equipment with a total shipping weight of 9.7kg. It comes in a packaged box containing a pan, frame, wheel and fittings. It is very simple to assemble with an easy to follow manual. 

Everything you need comes in the box except the spanner so you will have to keep the spanner ready when this arrives. Its pan with a capacity of 125kgs is extra strong and can handle all the essential gardening and mucking needs.

Its main USP is its lightweight, comfort and colour. Ergonomic and comfortable hand grips make it easy to push around. The frame is tubular powder coated which prevents it from rusting even when left outside for a long time. The pneumatic wheel lasts a long time and this wheelbarrow doesn’t need any special maintenance apart from some occasional wash. This is a great gift item for ladies.

Length: 88cms.
Width: 55cms.
Height: 57cms.

FoxHunter 75L/150kgs Wheelbarrow

This wheelbarrow stays as stable as a table thanks to its 4 wheels design that are fitted below the heavy gauge coated steel container. Its fixed steel axle at the back and articulated steel axle at the front make it very agile and it can be easily moved in tight spaces. 

This wheelbarrow comes in a package and can be assembled easily. All 4 tyres are pneumatic and balance the weight evenly. The long padded handle is a clever multipurpose feature which helps in pushing, pulling or even towing the trolley. 

Just attach the handle to another vehicle and you can tow it easily. When not in use, this wheelbarrow can be mounted on the wall with the handle. The dual axle makes the tipper agile for easy handling. As the heavy-duty plastic tub sits almost flat it can be used for a variety of tasks such as carrying water without spilling, transporting mud or compost, carrying goods to the warehouse, farming, backyard work and more. 

The trolley features a dual axle that makes the tipper agile making unloading effortless. With a load capacity of 150kgs, you can move all the heavy materials at once and avoid going to and fro to load/unload.

Length: 110cms.
Width: 51cms.
Height: 49.5cms.

Buyers Guide

Used for gardening, farming and construction and other heavy-duty work, a wheelbarrow is an essential tool that makes it easy to transport mud, manure, compost, supplies and different materials. There are different types of wheelbarrows for light to heavy usage. 

Depending on requirements wheelbarrows come in different designs, shapes and sizes. Most of the wheelbarrows follow the traditional design of a tub, a frame and tire, but there are few wheelbarrows that use electric motors for efficiency and comfort.

A smart way to choose the best wheelbarrow for you would be to note down your preferences first. Would you need it for gardening, construction, stable work or other chores? This will make you clear about the capacity and features that you would require in a wheelbarrow. 

If you are looking for a wheelbarrow for a small garden, then buying a bigger wheelbarrow which is used in construction work could create daily inconvenience, might not be as handy to move around your garden and will take up larger space than desired in your garden.

As a wheelbarrow is considered to be just another gardening or constriction tool, you might be tempted to focus more on price range. But prioritizing quality over price will be better and will give you better value for money in the long run. Major points to consider while choosing a wheelbarrow would be Capacity, Size, Portability and Overall Quality.

1. Types of Wheelbarrows

Traditional Wheelbarrows:

A traditional wheelbarrow has a central wheel supporting the frame and the tub. This is good for simple gardening or farm chores. It is better at manoeuvrability in tight spaces, shallow water, planks or tilted ground. It gives greater control for tilting and moving on slopes.

Multi-tyre Wheelbarrows:

Wheelbarrows have come a long way and for better stability, some wheelbarrows have two, three even four wheelbarrows. Though a two or three wheelbarrow doesn’t have the flexibility of the single wheelbarrow on hilly areas or slopes it gives a very firm and confident stability. A multi-tyre wheelbarrow is a good option for someone looking for stability or overall comfort.

Electric Wheelbarrows:

The most technologically advanced wheelbarrows since its invention is the electric wheelbarrows. With a powerful motor powered by a battery, these wheelbarrows are recommended for people who don’t want to sweat it out in the backyard or garden. 

It literally just needs a push of a button and you will be easily transporting heavy loads across the farm or garden. Though a bit expensive this is a great option for people with back issues.

2. Parts and Quality

One of the most important aspects to consider while choosing a wheelbarrow is to check its quality and the material it’s made with. There are different materials used for making frames, tub, tires, and grips. The hard plastic is best for the tub and steel is best for frames. The quality varies with size, design, brand and wheelbarrow type.

3. Rustproof

Consider choosing a stainless steel body wheelbarrow as it will be rustproof. You will almost always be working outdoors with a wheelbarrow and there is a higher chance it will start to deteriorate with rust if it is not made with fine quality metal. Plastic or stainless steel body will ensure that you keep your wheelbarrow remains rust-free.

4. Weight distribution

While you are pushing the wheelbarrow, the weight of the container should be slightly forward and on wheels. A tub with a backward tilt could have uneven weight distribution that puts more pressure on wrists and knees while pushing. Three and Four tired wheelbarrows are the best when it comes to weight distribution.

5. Capacity

As far as the capacity of wheelbarrows is concerned, the bigger the better doesn’t apply. You will be using physical strength to push the wheelbarrow every time, unless it is a motorized one, choosing just the right capacity would be best. 

If you are going to use a wheelbarrow for farm or fieldwork then a bigger tub volume will be good, but if it is for backyard chores or gardening purposes then a medium to small capacity wheelbarrow should suffice. There is a huge variety of tubs with different capacity available and you should be able to find a suitable one for your needs easily.

6. Design and Colour

Pink is considered the most feminine colour and is more charming than the usual green coloured wheelbarrows. Choosing a pink wheelbarrow or shades of pink will add a unique touch to your backyard or garden.

7. Warranty

Some brands offer warranties on some or all parts of the wheelbarrow. Companies offering a warranty means that they stand behind the product and can be trusted with quality. A good way to judge quality is by checking how many parts come under warranty. 

The more parts covered in warranty means more use of higher quality material overall. Consider buying from companies that offer a warranty.


Choosing the best wheelbarrow could be a bit confusing but once you make an informed choice you will have it with you for many years to come. We have checked almost all brands and considered different aspects of wheelbarrows like capacity, functionality, quality and other important factors and picked the best ladies wheelbarrow that are available online. These wheelbarrows are durable and fit various needs.

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