Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows

Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows: A Buyer’s Guide

Although all wheelbarrows are considered heavy duty in a sense, some are much sturdier and stronger than others. Gone are the days when all wheelbarrows looked alike and offered just a basic design. Today’s wheelbarrows come with different load capacities and different weight limits, so if you need one for a super-tough job or you already know you’re going to be pushing its limits every single day, buying a heavy-duty wheelbarrow is of the utmost importance.

Not All Wheelbarrows Are Alike

Top-notch heavy duty wheelbarrows come in many different designs and with many different features, so the first thing you need to do when determining which type you need is decide what you’ll be using it for, which is usually the easy part.

If you’re just a gardener or a do-it-yourself enthusiast who works around the house a lot, you likely only need a basic wheelbarrow with one wheel and standard handles. On the other hand, if you’re a farmer or construction worker, you’ll need something more, and this is where a little research can make the task much easier.

Just what should you look for when shopping for the perfect wheelbarrow? Below are a few of the most important features if you want a high-quality wheelbarrow that is built to last:

Heavy duty wheelbarrows are not that difficult to find, and most cost under £100, which means you can get a long-lasting, very sturdy wheelbarrow for most uses without breaking the bank. The best part is, you don’t even have to leave your home to research wheelbarrows and determine which one is right for you, because most of your research – which should always include reviews from real-life customers – can be done online.

If you’re curious about which brands of wheelbarrows get the highest ratings, wonder no more. Below are just a few of the wheelbarrows consistently rated very high by most of their customers, along with some of the features and benefits that make these wheelbarrows so invaluable.

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Cargo volume Load tub material Weight limit Tyres Handles
WORX Aerocart WG050

NA Plastic 90 kg Twin Puncture proof Rubber grips
CrazyGadget® Wheelbarrow

65 litre Galvanised Steel 60 kg Pneumatic Plastic grips
Blue 200L Wheelbarrow

200 litre Plastic 265 kg Twin Puncture Proof Plastic grips
Oypla Heavy Duty Plastic Two Wheeled

70 litre Plastic 150 kg Pneumatic Soft grip
Draper Garden Tipper

75 litre Plastic 150 kg Heavy-duty Pneumatic Plastic
FoxHunter Dump Truck

125 litre Plastic 300kg 4 x Pneumatic Plastic

WORX Multi-Purpose Cart/Wheelbarrow

Available in an attractive black-and-silver design with bright-orange trim, this wheelbarrow is meant to accommodate a variety of jobs because it acts as a dolly, rock/plant-mover, yard cart, bag holder, and trailer tote, to name a few.

Heavy duty wheelbarrows such as these do it all, so regardless of the size or complexity of the task at hand, you can rest assured your next job will be done proficiently and with ease every time. Its two-wheel placement makes changing from one design to another both easy and fast, and the rugged tires ensure a smooth ride even over rough or hilly terrain.

CrazyGadget Wheelbarrow with Pneumatic Tyre

With a great value price tag and a high quality steel construction, it’s easy to see why this heavy duty wheelbarrow is so popular. The hardy pneumatic tyres can comfortable supports loads of up-to 60 kilograms and the pipe frame with comfortable grips, makes manoeuvring the barrow easy.

Before taking it our for its first use, it will require some assembly but this is just a case of tightening a few bolts. Looking at some of the reviews on Amazon however some people needed a friend to assist them with assembly.

Although this wheelbarrow states that it’s heavy duty you are going to want to mindful about how much heavy stuff you try and move with it as it can buckle and bend under the strain of the really heavy stuff.

For the money, it’s good value, but don’t expect to be able to move lots of really heavy loads with it. Perfect for the garden.

Blue 200L Wheelbarrow

Don’t be fooled by the boring, uninspiring name of this wheelbarrow. This barrow is fantastic! With twin puncture-proof wheels, a metal frame and tough plastic tub this wheelbarrow can move whatever you need it to.

It really does make light work of heavy loads up to a massive 265kg or 200 litres with its easy to manoeuver design and high-quality build. The other great thing about this wheelbarrow is that you don’t have to build it as it’s one of the few products available on Amazon that ships fully assembled and ready for use. Highly recommended! 

Oypla Heavy Duty Plastic Two Wheeled

This is a great mid-range wheelbarrow suitable for most uses including building, gardening, equestrian and framework. It’s well built and sturdy yet remarkably light-weight and easy to manoeuvre. The two pneumatic wheels make the wheelbarrow more stable avoiding tips that can be a problem with single wheel products.

It’s perfect of heavy-duty tasks as it’s able to carry up to 150kg in its spacious 70l strong plastic hopper. The handle is also covered in a comfortable soft grip making it easier on the hands and helps prevent skin blisters.

The one possible downside is that the Oypla two wheel does require some assembly before use, but this fairly straightforward and easy to do by following the clear instructions.

Draper Tipper Cart

Because it tips and makes dumping out materials much easier for all types of farmers, the tipper wheelbarrow made by Draper is a perfect addition to anyone’s collection of farm equipment. You can move up to 200 kg of materials with ease, and it is perfect for both small farmers and those with extra-large farms.

In fact, its ease of use makes any chore you start much easier and quicker, and it is manufactured and sold by a family-run company that has been making high-quality equipment for many years. This is a very sturdy wheelbarrow for horses that can accommodate all farmers’ needs.

FoxHunter Tipping Wheelbarrow with 4 Pneumatic Tyres

With four pneumatic wheels and a 125-litre capacity, the FoxHunter tipping wheelbarrow is perfect for numerous farm jobs, not just for those jobs that involve horses. The padded handle makes it easy and comfortable to pull the cart where you need it to go, and it is super-easy to tip it over enough to dump out your materials such as hay or manure.

The perfect wheelbarrow for horses thanks to its size and overall design, this wheelbarrow even comes with an extra-long handle that allows you to attach it to another vehicle whenever you need to.

In Conclusion

There are a wide range of heavy-duty wheelbarrows available to choose from on Amazon. It really depends on your needs and the type of wheelbarrow that works for you. Our favourite two wheel traditional style wheelbarrow is the Blue 200L Wheelbarrow as it’s able to carry heavy loads with ease and comes fully assembled. 

If you’re looking for more of a tipper wheelbarrow then the Foxhunter would be a great investment. Good luck choosing your next heavy-duty wheelbarrow.

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