How to Choose the Best Wheelbarrow for Horses

How to Choose the Best Equestrian Wheelbarrow for Horses

When you operate a farm and have at least a few horses to take care of, you already know how important it is to have a high-quality wheelbarrow on hand.

Equestrian Wheelbarrows are a must on any type of farm, including those that require you to take care of horses. After all, they are used to haul manure and hay, bring horse feed to the animals, and even for a few jobs that aren’t related to the horses themselves.

Choosing a good quality wheelbarrow for horses isn’t as difficult as it might sound, in part because many of the wheelbarrows you use on the farm are great for general all-purpose farm and yard work as well.

Essentially, all you need is a high-quality wheelbarrow made by a reputable company, and the rest is fairly simple.

Here are a few things you should look for when shopping for the perfect wheelbarrow:

The size of the wheelbarrow is really up to you, but it is good to know that even if you need them, there are wheelbarrows that hold up to 100 litres or more worth of stuff, so you truly have a wide selection to choose from when it comes to these wheelbarrows.

The right wheelbarrow for horses, or equestrian wheelbarrows as some people call them, are usually very affordable and versatile, because you can usually accommodate more than just farm jobs when you purchase this type of wheelbarrow.

Some of the highest-quality wheelbarrows made for equestrian use, and which have the highest ratings from real customers, include the following:

Our favourite Wheelbarrows for horses

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Cargo volume Load tub material Weight limit Tyres Handles
Bristol Big Mucker

100 litre Plastic 120 kg Pneumatic Rubber grips
Wheelbarrow 200l

200 litre Plastic 265 kg Dual puncture proof Plastic
LY Tools 110 LITRE

110 litre Polypropylene plastic 110 kg Pneumatic Plastic
Marko Tools 85L

85 litre Plastic 150 kg Pneumatic Rubber grips
Draper Garden Tipper

75 litre Plastic 150 kg Heavy-duty Pneumatic Plastic

NA Plastic 18 kg to 453kg Pneumatic Plastic
FoxHunter Dump Truck

125 litre Plastic 300kg 4 x Pneumatic Plastic

Bristol Big Mucker High-Quality Wheelbarrow

Made by Suzi, this wheelbarrow comes in a pinkish-purple colour, but don’t let the feminine look fool you. It can accommodate up to 100 litres of materials and up to 120 kg of weight, and its galvanised steel frame means it is built to last for many years to come.

The pneumatic wheel is made for even the toughest tasks, and it is super-easy to put together, even coming with its own easy-to-read set of instructions that gives you all of the details you need to do the job successfully.

Perfect for a variety of farm-related jobs regardless of how tough they are, this is one wheelbarrow that will never disappoint.

Wheelbarrows Direct Equestrian Wheelbarrow

Sometimes when you work on a farm, you simply need a high-capacity wheelbarrow for horses because of the size of your farm or the daily work that might seem to be getting more challenging over time.

The Wheelbarrows Direct wheelbarrow has a convenient 200-litre capacity that allows you to get your work done a little bit quicker, as well as puncture-proof tyres that are perfect for farms because let’s face it, you never know what you’ll find on the ground of a farm.

This wheelbarrow has twin wheels for extra stability and a price that won’t be difficult on your wallet, because at just under £130, it is easy for nearly everyone to afford.

LY Tools 110 LITRE

Priced at just under £84, this is a great wheelbarrow because it offers 110 litres of space and comes with two wheels for extra stability and longevity.

With an attractive lime-green design, the wheelbarrow offers a smooth and quiet ride, shock-absorbing features that make for very few vibrations as you’re operating it, and a lot of resistance to dirt, grime, and scratches from other farm equipment.

In fact, it is so well-designed and sturdy that you can use it in place of other pieces of equipment, including hand trucks and even yard trailers, making it a very versatile wheelbarrow indeed.

Marko Tools Wheelbarrow for Equestrian Use

Available in three different colours – black, blue, and green – this wheelbarrow has a large 85-litre capacity and very sturdy pneumatic wheels that can last regardless of what you put them through.

At 68 cm high and 68 cm long, it is easy to fit nearly anything in here that you need to transport from one area of the farm to another, and its low price of just under £45 means you can easily purchase more than one if that’s what you need. It is also a very versatile piece of equipment, which means you can easily use it for more than just farm work.

Draper Tipper Cart

Because it tips and makes dumping out materials much easier for all types of farmers, the tipper wheelbarrow made by Draper is a perfect addition to anyone’s collection of farm equipment. You can move up to 200 kg of materials with ease, and it is perfect for both small farmers and those with extra-large farms.

In fact, its ease of use makes any chore you start much easier and quicker, and it is manufactured and sold by a family-run company that has been making high-quality equipment for many years. This is a very sturdy wheelbarrow for horses that can accommodate all farmers’ needs.

FoxHunter Tipping Wheelbarrow with 4 Pneumatic Tyres

With four pneumatic wheels and a 125-litre capacity, the FoxHunter tipping wheelbarrow is perfect for numerous farm jobs, not just for those jobs that involve horses. The padded handle makes it easy and comfortable to pull the cart where you need it to go, and it is super-easy to tip it over enough to dump out your materials such as hay or manure.

The perfect wheelbarrow for horses thanks to its size and overall design, this wheelbarrow even comes with an extra-long handle that allows you to attach it to another vehicle whenever you need to.

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