Our Favourite Wheelbarrows Brands

Our Favourite Wheelbarrows Brands

Favourite Wheelbarrow brands pinAs a consumer, you want to purchase products with the best quality, most reasonable price, which give you the most utility. As such, it only makes sense that you will want the best wheelbarrow for your gardening or construction needs. 

A quality wheelbarrow is one that is durable, made of sturdy materials, resistant to rust and corrosion, and has wheels for all types of terrain. 

There are so many brands in the market that manufacture wheelbarrows. However, a good number of them are sub-standard when it comes to quality and the delivery of their products. 

You are probably wondering how to pick out the best wheelbarrow brands from the thousands in the market. Worry not- In this article, we shall review our favourite wheelbarrow brands.

There are factors that distinguish good brands from the mediocre ones. The most distinguishable one is customer service; a good brand knows that the needs of a customer come first and hence works towards customer satisfaction. 

It is a fact that a happy customer translates to a successful brand. This is because a happy customer will keep coming back and will also influence people to shop with the brand, translating to increased sales, improved profits and overall growth of the brand. 

Customer service is manifested in the quality of the products, the pricing, the interaction between the brand and the customers, brand loyalty and after-sale services. We have used these factors to pick out the best wheelbarrow brands from the ‘okay’ and the mediocre ones:


No gardener wants to buy a wheelbarrow only for it to stop working optimally after using it twice or thrice. A quality wheelbarrow should be durable, reliable, able to execute the task without demanding too much effort, easy to use and easy to maintain. 

Therefore, a brand should ensure that these qualities are present in their wheelbarrows before releasing them to the market. The delivery of the product also matters a big deal. 

For instance, the packaging should be in good condition when it reaches the consumer. Also, if the wheelbarrow requires assembling, a good brand will provide clear instructions on how to do it.


Most consumers are bound to go for wheelbarrows that cost less so that they can save some cash for their other needs. This would be a smart move if cost and value were not directly proportional variables. 

What this means is that the cheaper the product, the lower the quality in most cases. A good brand knows how to strike a balance between the price and the quality of a wheelbarrow. The balance is such that the customer does not feel overcharged, and at the same time, they see the value in the money spent. 

Most consumers will purchase from a brand that produces quality products at a price that is seemingly lower than the value of the product. A standard quality wheelbarrow ranges between £30 and £100 in price. Nevertheless, if a product is expensive, but the quality is worth it, do not hesitate to acquire it if you are able and willing.


A good brand is one which makes time and sets aside resources to interact and get familiar with the customers. The familiarity is created through advertisements, customer service and one on one interactions with the customers. 

One of the most effective methods of interacting with customers in this technological era is via social media. Most consumers have access to the internet, so it is easy for communication to take place. A brand that has established familiarity with its customers has a good idea of their needs and is better suited to satisfy those needs. 

Through the feedback of the customers, a brand can also improve the quality of their products, and even create custom-made goods that match the desires of individual customers. A consumer is most likely to stick with a brand that pays attention and reacts to their opinions and needs.

Brand Loyalty

This is when a customer repeatedly purchases from a brand because of the positive feeling they have towards that brand. It matters not if the competing brands are offering better deals or if there is a general change in the market atmosphere. 

A customer remains steadfast in their loyalty towards a brand that makes them feel heard and appreciated. Brand loyalty comes along when the company provides wholesome and top tier quality products for the customers.

If the company you buy your wheelbarrow from delivers without disappointing and satisfies your needs as a customer at a reasonable price, you will want to stick with this company. People can stay loyal to a brand for decades and even invite other people to try the company’s products and services out, which is free marketing for the brand.

After-sale Services

A good brand should not end a sale right after the customer has paid and assumed ownership of the product. It is important to keep in touch with the customer to ensure that everything is going as promised. Some companies do not care how your wheelbarrow will arrive at your address or follow up to see if your needs have been satisfied. 

A good brand provides a means of transport when required, assists in setting up the product gives direction on how to assemble parts that have not been assembled, or better yet, delivers an already assembled wheelbarrow.


A warranty offers security for the product, and assurance that the company will take responsibility if the tool breaks down within a given time-frame after purchasing it. The warranty period rangers from a year to a lifetime, depending on the company. 

The longer the warranty period, the more a customer will feel secure about a product. Thus, it is advisable to purchase your wheelbarrow from a brand that offers a warranty, and even better, a warranty that spans over a more extended period. 

Some companies go as far as refunding a customer’s money if the product does not turn out as expected, but these are extremely rare. In line with the factors above, we have picked out the best wheelbarrow brands that you should give a shot in your next purchase.

A Review Of Our Favourite Wheelbarrow Brands

Draper Tools

Drapers Tools brand ensures that you get value for your money for each tool that you purchase. Their wheelbarrows are manufactured with quality in mind- they are designed to be sturdy and durable. 

The features that set them apart are ease of use and ergonomic design. Nobody wants a tool that will take you days to figure out the basic ways of using it. People buy a tool so that they can start using it immediately and, on this matter, Draper Tools brand does not disappoint. 

The ergonomic structure of their wheelbarrows renders them comfortable and safe to use. You do not want to get a product that will pose injury risks to you while at work, do you? 

Draper Wheelbarrows are made for anybody who values quality, from the landscape gardener to the professional groundsman, to the occasional gardener. Their prices are incredibly fair, especially for the value they offer. 

To ensure top tier quality, Draper Tools standards are monitored by quality control engineers. The company also keeps in touch with the customers to garner feedback that they can use to improve the products. 

They deliver their products free of charge throughout the United Kingdom as after-sale service. The 90-year old company is ranked 45th in manufacturing Wheelbarrows.

Wheelbarrows Direct Ltd

This is one of the brands you should consider when choosing a wheelbarrow for your garden or construction site. If what you want is an extra-strong galvanised steel wheelbarrow that comes at an affordable price, then Wheelbarrows Direct Ltd is just the brand for you. 

They have a whole range of wheelbarrows suited for all types of tasks from gardening, home-based chores, and construction duties. Wheelbarrows Direct Ltd manufactures the best wheelbarrows for heavy-duty tasks with carrying capacities ranging from 150 Kilograms to 180 Kilograms, fuel capacity of up to 200 litres and double wheels for more support and rigidity. 

You can wheel the wheelbarrows on any terrain as they are all made of puncture-proof tyres. The handles have grips that are soft to the hand, which prevents the formation of blisters on the palms and discomfort. If customer review is anything to go by, Wheelbarrows Direct Ltd offer the best customer service and deliver their products in good time. 

Their online pages are also very interactive and a great avenue to hear their customers out and further improve the quality of their products. This brand is ranked 49th in manufacturing wheelbarrows.

The Bristol Tool Company

The Bristol Tool Company brand is known for producing exceptionally high-quality wheelbarrows at such low prices that range between £50 and £200. They ensure quality by subjecting their wheelbarrows to numerous tests before releasing them to the market. 

The Bristol Tool brand produces a range of wheelbarrows that consists of plastic wheelbarrows and galvanised wheelbarrows. The galvanised wheelbarrows come with either one wheel or two. The plastic ones are available in the colour of your choice. 

The wheelbarrows are sturdy with specifications that match the descriptions down to the letter. As an after-sale service, they deliver their products to customers all over the United Kingdom, at no costs whatsoever. The Bristol Tool Company brand is ranked 382 out of all the wheelbarrow brands worldwide.

Walsall Wheelbarrows

This brand lives up to its motto, “Hallmark of Quality”. It is one of the best manufacturers of wheelbarrows in Great Britain, and the only one that produces the biggest range of products. Thus, you can still get your other garden accessories from one shop, which will save you the hustle of going shop to shop. 

This 60-year-old family business puts its customers first and listens and heeds to their needs. Its goal is to continually improve the quality of their products while maintaining a reasonable cost. Most of their wheelbarrows are within the £30 to £100 price range, which is relatively very pocket-friendly. 

The company provides personalised services to their customers where a customer can have their product branded to personal taste. You can also choose the colour of your liking. This brand manufactures some of the most colourful wheelbarrows in the market. 

They offer transport services for their orders and have a GPS satellite to track all the orders to ensure they have reached the customer safely.


The LASHER brand is popular for making award-winning designs when it comes to wheelbarrows. The brand is hugely innovative with unique concept designs that feature ergonomic handles and frames that are constructed from Nylon. 

The frames are lightweight, which makes them convenient for carrying heavy stuff. They are also durable, which means that you will not have to buy another wheelbarrow for a long time. The materials that make up the wheelbarrows are resistant to rust and corrosion so you can store the wheelbarrows outside without worrying about the adverse effects of weather conditions. 

On top of that, the materials are elementary to clean- you will have no excuse to keep your wheelbarrow spick and span! You can comfortably use them in every terrain as their tyres are made of durable pneumatic material that absorbs vibrations on rough grounds. 

For their price, they are worth every cent. LASHER wheelbarrows come in many forms, suitable for a range of uses. There are those suitable for gardening, home-usage and the heavy-duty wheelbarrows that you can use for the heavier tasks such as carrying stones and construction materials. These wheelbarrows are SABS approved and come with a 5-year manufacture’s guarantee.


It is important to review different brands before you settle for the one that best suits your needs. The above are among the best wheelbarrow brands as they are not only our favourites but also the favourites of many gardeners, constructors and DIY enthusiasts out there. 

They all have qualities of outstanding brands, especially when it comes to customer service. Click on the links provided to find out more about these brands.

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