Super Strong Galvanised Wheelbarrows

Super Strong Galvanised Wheelbarrows

Super Strong Galvanised Wheelbarrows PINThe traditional wheelbarrow was made from metal but in days gone by, these steel pieces of garden equipment simply were not as durable as their modern counterparts. 

The galvanised wheelbarrow is far superior to its ancestors and in this article, we want to explore the benefits of this type of wheelbarrow as well as looking at some of the very best galvanised wheelbarrows on the market today.

Galvanising is a process that is used on metals – particularly steel and iron that prevents them from rusting and corrosion. In modern-day metalworks, this is a very common process and uses a think layer of thicker based metal such as zinc to coat the steel or iron.

You will likely notice a silver layer across a variety of metal objects, this is the zinc coating. Most modern metal wheelbarrows are made from steel and you may wonder why manufacturers don’t simply make their wheelbarrows from zinc as opposed to steel. 

The reason for this is that whilst zinc is excellent for preventing corrosion, it is not as strong as steel and therefore wouldn’t be suitable for moving the heavy loads that wheelbarrows are required to.

How Does Galvanising Work?

When the layer of zinc goes onto the steel, it works to protect it in a number of ways. Primarily, it prevents any moisture from being able to get onto the steel which is what might cause corrosion. 

For this reason, it is important to keep in mind that should the zinc layer become significantly damaged or scratched, it may begin to let in water causing the wheelbarrow to rust and ultimately, become useless.

Additionally, there are many elements in the environment and the air itself that can cause premature corrosion of steel but the zinc coating can seriously slow down this process.

What Are Galvanised Wheelbarrows Used For?

Thanks to their super-strong nature, galvanised steel wheelbarrows most commonly used for transporting heavier loads. This might include such things as rocks and other aggregates, timber and logs or larger plants and shrubs.

One key thing to keep in mind when using a galvanised wheelbarrow is that they are usually heavier than other types so a strong arm is a must. 

That being said, some of the best galvanised wheelbarrows are being made to be much more lightweight so this is no longer so much of an issue. The clear advantage of the galvanised wheelbarrow is that it will not fall victim to being exposed to extreme weather and it will not buckle under the weight of heavy loads. 

This makes them ideal for use in both the home garden and in the workplace. But with so many to choose from, how do we know which is the best option?

The Best Galvanised Wheelbarrows

There is an amazing number of excellent galvanised steel wheelbarrows on the market right now and you’ll be pleased to know that, not only are many of them very affordable but they will be something of an investment since the galvanised metal will stand the test of time. 

Essentially, provided you do not overload it, your new galvanised wheelbarrow will be with you for many years to come.

We have searched far and wide to bring you some of, what we deem to be, the best quality and most durable super-strong galvanised wheelbarrows that money can buy. All that’s left for you to do, is choose which one will suit your needs most effectively.

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Cargo volume Load tub material Weight limit Tyres Dimension
DJM Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 180Kg Puncture Proof Tyre 58 x 122 x 58 cm
Gardebruk Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 200Kg Pneumatic 141 x 59 x 62 cm
Arboria Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 80kgs Pneumatic 113 x 60 x 53 cm
TAHA Galvanised Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 180kg Pneumatic 60 x 145 x 70 cm
Gr8 Garden Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 80kg Pneumatic 130 x 60 x 60 cm

New DJM Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow

This is certainly an eye-catching piece of kit, with its flashy orange accents and beautifully sleek design, but does it have more to it than meets the eye?

The answer is a resounding yes! The DJM heavy-duty wheelbarrow doesn’t scrimp where loading is concerned. With an impressive maximum load capacity of up to 180kg or 90 litres, you aren’t going to fall short on space and weight. It’s no secret that a heavy-duty job requires a heavy-duty wheelbarrow and you won’t go far wrong with this one.

It’s made completely from steel, which as we know, is long-lasting and super strong and has the nice addition of under tub support so that even the heaviest of loads won’t cause it to warp or buckle. 

One of the most notable features of this little beauty is that it boasts a single tyre that is puncture-proof – yes, you read that correctly! Run it over nails, glass and anything sharp that may accidentally get in the way and no damage will occur. This is thanks to the innovative foam design that won’t deflate and yet remains strong and sturdy.

If storage is an issue, you needn’t panic because whilst this wheelbarrow has a deep loading tub, it’s relatively compact compared to other models, measuring just 58 x 122 x 58 centimetres, it can be stowed away easily in between uses.

Gardebruk Wheelbarrow

Now, when we say that we are going to source super-strong wheelbarrows, we really mean it. The Gardebruk wheelbarrow has an impressive 100-litre capacity which can withstand loads up to 200kg – this is nothing to be sniffed at and will greatly lessen the number of trips you need to do with the wheelbarrow for unloading.

What’s more, the Gardebruk comes fitted with a strong tubular steel frame that is ideal for transporting heavy loads with extreme ease.

The deep galvanised tub won’t wear or buckle under the strain and the wheelbarrow comes fully equipped with soft grips on the handles to make pushing it along something of a dream. One of the major downfalls of some wheelbarrows is that constant use can cause sores and calluses on the hands – not with this one!

The sturdy pneumatic tyre is fitted with precision ball bearings to ensure that the wheelbarrow never veers off course making it safe and easy to manoeuver. It will glide along effortlessly even over the most difficult and uneven ground. 

Not to mention that thanks to the improved tread, the wheelbarrow can even be used on muddy or sludgy ground without an issue.

Arboria Wheelbarrow

This is a wheelbarrow which will require assembling on arrival and this is reflected in the price – but that is not to say that you won’t be getting a product that is strong, durable and perfectly fitting for its purpose.

Simplicity is often key and that couldn’t be more adept when it comes to this wheelbarrow. To look at, the design is pretty standard, with no flashy colours or gimmicks, you are getting a wheelbarrow that does what it says on the tin – shifts heavy loads. And it does it well.

Weighing in at just six and a half kilos, it would be easy to believe that this wheelbarrow couldn’t withstand a large load, but it can. The 65-litre tub can withstand weights of up to 80kg, making this ideal for at-home use transporting tools and other items around the garden.

We have already touched on the importance of comfortable grips on the handles and the Arboria does not disappoint since it features plastic grips which make operating the wheelbarrow effortless.

The pneumatic tyre is strong and contributes to the wheelbarrows ability to hold a decent load despite its compact size. And of course, it simply wouldn’t have made this list if it wasn’t for the sturdy, weather-resistant galvanised steel design that is ready to go up against any DIY task.

TAHA Galvanised Wheelbarrow

If you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your back garden then a piece of equipment like this one will certainly fit the bill. But whilst it may look the part, does it live up to expectations where functionality is concerned? Of course, it does!

With an incredible maximum weight load of 180kg in the 100-litre tub, you can be sure to get your fill when using the wheelbarrow. What’s more, the strong galvanised steel tray ensures that useability won’t be affected over time no matter what the weather or how big the load. 

The 15-inch pneumatic tyre adds to the stability and strength of this impressive piece of equipment but it is important to keep in mind that, for the best lifespan, the tyre will need to be fully inflated before the first use.

The sturdy, blue frame not only looks the part but also supports the weight of the fully-loaded tub and the slimline design makes this the perfect solution for smaller spaces or tight entranceways.

Gr8 Garden Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

If you are looking for something that is slim, for navigating tight spaces and corners, then this is the galvanised wheelbarrow for you. However, its nifty design isn’t all that this impressive little number has to offer.

For use in the garden or for lighter industrial work, the Gr8 garden wheelbarrow offers stability and strength with a capacity of 65 litres and the ability to transport loads up to 80kg. For anyone who needs a reliable steel wheelbarrow for hobby gardening, this is most definitely a contender. 

What’s even more attractive about this one is that, when fully unloaded, the wheelbarrow weighs in at just 7kg making it the perfect solution for those who need a heavy-duty wheelbarrow that won’t be back-breaking to push around.

No wheelbarrow would be complete without a reliable pneumatic tyre and the Gr8 garden wheelbarrow has an effective one that offers ease of manoeuvrability as well as giving you greater control whilst handling. It is easily able to navigate rougher terrain as well as smoothly gliding over flat surfaces without any friction. 

In addition, to make using the wheelbarrow even more comfortable, the handles are fitted with soft rubber grips. The galvanised tub promises to withstand even the most unpredictable weather, giving you the confidence that this wheelbarrow will be with you throughout all of your gardening chores for a long time to come.


Galvanised wheelbarrows are an essential component of any avid gardeners tool shed, and they also come in extremely handy for industrial work such as in the builder’s yard. 

These super-strong wheelbarrows offer the ability to transport much heavier loads than the plastic wheelbarrow and in addition, they are also able to withstand extreme conditions thanks to the layer of zinc that protects them from corrosion. As a result of this, if correctly looked after, your galvanised wheelbarrow will serve you for many years.

Whilst there is a massive selection of these wheelbarrows on the market, we believe that those we have discussed in this article are some of the best galvanised wheelbarrows available. With multiple features that make loading, manoeuvering and unloading a breeze, these wheelbarrows are a wise investment and a handy piece of equipment.

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