Wheelbarrows For Mixing And Preparing Cement

Wheelbarrows For Mixing And Preparing Cement – Our Guide

Wheelbarrows For Mixing And Preparing Cement PINWheelbarrows are versatile tools that can be used for a variety of purposes, everything from moving your tools around the garden to transporting plants, compost and other outdoor materials. But one of the other main uses of the wheelbarrow is to mix and prepare cement. 

That being said, there are some wheelbarrows are that are much more adept for this purpose than others and when shopping for the right one, it is important to take certain factors into consideration.

In this article, we will be exploring what is important to look for when choosing a wheelbarrow for preparing cement before going on to show you some of the best wheelbarrows for cement that are currently available on the market. 

Wheelbarrow For Mixing And Preparing CementThere are many tasks in the garden or the workplace that require the aid of cement – laying slabs or paving stones being one of the most common. 

For the most part, it is recommended that you use a 5-gallon bucket for mixing cement for domestic purposes but let’s face it, this is often far too small and all that we achieve is making a huge mess. That’s where a good wheelbarrow can make all the difference. 

Trying to mix cement in a small bucket is the stuff of nightmares, and any task you’re trying to complete will likely take a lot longer due to all the messing about. But when you use a wheelbarrow, you instantly have a lot more space to mix the cement and really get that spade in there. 

What’s more, since the wheelbarrow, as its name suggests, is on wheels, you can freely move your mixed cement around the garden with you rather than having to haul a heavy bucket throughout the day – this is especially important if you struggle with lifting heavy items or have mobility problems. 

What About The Mess?

Wheelbarrow messOK, so there’s no denying that using cement can get a little messy even after losing that small, inconvenient bucket and for many proud owners of expensive wheelbarrows, there is a concern that the beloved piece of garden equipment will be unusable once it has been filled with cement. But this is not the case.

There are two main options when it comes to taking care of your equipment whilst mixing and preparing cement – the first being that you can easily line the tub of the wheelbarrow with a liner – this could simply be a piece of tarp or other waterproof material that you have lying around the garden. Once you have finished, you can remove and dispose of the liner and no-one would ever know.

Additionally, you can quite easily clean your wheelbarrow once the cement has been used up. The most important thing to remember here is that you should clean it before the cement has had the chance to dry otherwise it will be RIP for your wheelbarrow. 

You can tip out any leftover cement and then hose down the tub to remove any excess before giving it a proper clean with a detergent to bring it back to its former glory.

What To Look For In A Wheelbarrow For Mixing And Preparing Cement

All wheelbarrows have a basic makeup, they are essentially a tray on wheels, but this is where the similarities end. 

Depending on the intended use of the wheelbarrow, there may be a variety of different features, and when it comes to choosing the best wheelbarrow for mixing cement, there are certain things that you should be looking out for.

The Best Wheelbarrow For Mixing Cement

Now that we understand what to look for in a wheelbarrow for mixing cement, let’s explore some of the best that money can buy.

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Cargo volume Load tub material Weight limit Tyres Dimension
Gr8 Garden Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 80kg Pneumatic 130 x 60 x 60 cm
DJM Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 180kg Puncture Proof Tyre 58 x 122 x 58 cm
Taha Wheelbarrow

Galvanised Steel 180kg Pneumatic 60 x 145 x 70 cm
Marko Tools Colorado 2

Galvanised Steel 150kg Pneumatic 131 x 74 x 70 cm
THECA Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow

Galvanized Steel 200kg Pneumatic 140 x 55 x 60 cm

Gr8 Garden Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow

For smaller domestic jobs, the Gr8 garden wheelbarrow is an excellent option with its 65-litre tub that can hold as much as 80kg it is perfect for the job. The strong galvanised steel tub will also manage a heavy load of cement without becoming damaged and the steel frame adds to its strength.

What’s more, this wheelbarrow comes fitted with a very sturdy pneumatic tyre that is not only able to hold the weight of the cement but also makes pushing the wheelbarrow around the garden next to effortless.

Since cement is a heavier load, it is important to have a lightweight wheelbarrow and this one weighs in at a minute 7kg, so you won’t be breaking your back whilst using it. 

New DJM Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow

This snazzy little wheelbarrow might look pretty but appearance can be deceptive since this one is super tough and resilient to even the heaviest loads, making it ideal for mixing cement. 

One of the most notable aspects of the DJM wheelbarrow is the puncture-proof tyre which is made of foam as opposed to being filled with air meaning that, should you accidentally run over a sharp object, your wheelbarrow won’t cave under the pressure.

The 90-litre tub is deep enough for mixing cement without creating a mess of your outdoor space and can withstand a load of up to 180kg – ideal for those bigger jobs either in the garden or the workplace.

It’s made from tough galvanised steel and has a sturdy support under the tub that gives you the confidence that this wheelbarrow is up to the job. 

This one is slightly heavier when unloaded, coming in at a little over 12kg, but this is still very lightweight, especially when you consider how much the wheelbarrow is capable of holding.

The wheelbarrow features easy-grip handles that add to the ease of manoeuvrability and what’s more, it won’t take up masses of space. Despite being able to withstand a good load, the DJM is less than a metre in length and super slim, making it the perfect solution for getting through those tight spaces.

TAHA Galvanised Wheelbarrow

This is a slimline, compact wheelbarrow that is great for use in a domestic situation or for moderate building works. It can handle loads of up to 180kg in its 100-litre tray so doesn’t scrimp on space, giving you the freedom to mix your cement and get on with the task at hand. 

The wheelbarrow features a strong pneumatic tyre that is designed to meet the pressure that this model can stand and comes with a durable galvanised steel tub, which, as we know, is long-lasting and great for heavy loads like cement. 

The single tyre makes moving this wheelbarrow around the garden easy and quick, unlike models with more than one wheel, which can be difficult to manoeuver with heavier loads, this one makes light work of the job.

What’s more, the under-pan support gives this wheelbarrow even more strength and gives you the confidence that it won’t give way in the middle of the job.

Marko Tools Colorado 2

This is a wheelbarrow that, at first glance, may look simple – but we aren’t looking for any fancy frills when mixing cement and you may be surprised to learn that the Marko Tools Colorado 2 offers a lot more than first meets the eye.

With a 110-litre tray, this is one of the larger options on our list and it can handle weights up to 150kg so it is ideal for larger jobs around the garden as well as for moderate professional construction.

The great thing about this one is that, unlike some other wheelbarrows, the weight is evenly distributed across the entire piece of equipment which makes it easy to move around, no matter what may be inside. 

The wheelbarrow sits on two strong and reliable pneumatic tyres, giving greater stability and the assurance that, even on the most uneven ground, it will not tip over. The strong metal tub and frame mean that you can feel sure that this is a strong wheelbarrow and with an unloaded weight of just over 10kg, it isn’t so heavy that moving it around is impossible.

Additionally, the Colorado has dimensions of just 131 x 70 x 74 cm, so whilst it is long enough to give you space to mix your cement, it isn’t overly wide making it a great option for getting through tight spaces.

THECA Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow

Last but not least is the impressive and futuristic looking THECA wheelbarrow which is designed for heavy-duty use and when we learn that it has a tray of 110 litres that can handle up to 200kg, we can really see how strong this one is.

Made from galvanised metal, the THECA has been strength tested giving you a real sense of the quality and reliability of this model. Long yet super slim, this wheelbarrow will navigate tight spaces like a dream and storing it after use is a breeze.

This wheelbarrow is great for heavier industrial use but can also be a great addition to the shed of anyone with a passion for DIY and outdoor work. The tub has been designed with extra-thick metal and enhanced support for added strength and durability. 

The THECA wheelbarrow comes with a single pneumatic tyre that is not only super strong being able to withstand the heavy loads that this model is designed for but also makes moving the wheelbarrow around effortless.

It has an unloaded weight of 15kg, so whilst it isn’t the most lightweight on our list, it is anything other than heavy. This means that, even when fully loaded, it won’t be difficult to move around.


Wheelbarrows come in all shapes and sizes and their features will depend on what they are used for. One of the most common uses of the wheelbarrow is for mixing and preparing cement but since this is a heavy-duty load, it is important to find a wheelbarrow that can handle the strain. 

What’s more, when looking for a wheelbarrow for this purpose, you should keep an eye out for those that have deeper and larger tubs to prevent having to mix individual bags of cement at a time.

Size, tyres, handles and materials all play a part in determining the best wheelbarrow for mixing cement and we have narrowed down the huge choice to some of the very best on the market today.

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